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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Charlie On the Pennsylvania Turnpike

I believe there's an inacuracy in this piece; am I wrong to think Debra Dickerson was guest on the old show? Certainly not a frequent guest (in the 'power rotation') but I am certain I heard her before.

no she was not

The Old Imus Is Gone

Don Imus is a shell of his former self. It really is sad.

the new link is as boring as the old one.

PC Imus

black this, black that. a pc waste of time.


bittersweet is how I feel after reading that - I am happy Don Imus is content but I am sad that I lost my favorite program. No need to beat a dead horse though because it is what it is and I've moved on. He says he doesn't do 'crude' humor anymore - I'd appreciate any humor myself.

I'm busy writing my state reps about this pork-bellied spending bill and hope others will too. Otherwise, we should all be prepared to lose everything. Hundreds of millions for STD prevention? What is the matter with these people?


Karith is a comedian? How come shes not funny?


PC Imus

Karith be wack dawg

Karith needs to be gone. I'm surprised it has not happened already. She is awful!!!!!


I just contacted my representatives, just got off the phone with one. I read over the bill and it is just one giant spending program and money goes into the big government departments like the HUD etc.

I am going to get tired of Robert Gibbs real quick.

BTW Webmaster.... This is a stupid post. Old news.... If you're not going to pay attention or care then just shut it down. Dumb a$$.

What's old about the post? The AP article was written on 1/26/09.


Bella - the pork bill is outrageous, isn't it? It would be amusing if it wasn't so scary. Hundreds of millions for birth control overseas, Endowment for Arts, a water slide, $335 million towards the prevention of STDs...no jobs will be created from at least half of it. We know most of the money will be pocketed by the executives in charge and not help the economy.

I am concerned about our future. It's like the blind leading the blind in DC and I have no confidence the right moves will be made. I hear little common sense.

Everyone does need to pressure their officials to at least cut this way back because we all know the idiots will pass it.

Ms. M

I too, contacted my "representatives"....let them know what I feel about more PORK....this spending spree is madness followed by rewarding GREED...suggested to them perhaps before you spend more, could you give the taxpayer an accounting for what has already been spent & if there is a lack of transparency there you need to be holding hearings & demanding money back & prosecuting any FRAUD....just a few suggestions....

thank you web master for the new post...this smart a$$ appreciates it & the opportunity to vent my views!


The outrageous part is they are going to pass it. They are so full of BS, thinking they can call it a "stimulus" plan when it's just unnecessary pork and projects. Fuel efficient buses? 6 and half billion broadband.

"Much of the money will go overseas because there is no requirement the money will have to be used to buy American made products."

Ms. M

in my opinion, it is never too soon to start thinking outside the box they have us in...think INDEPENDENT, VOTE INDEPENDENT!


Of course, they're going to pass it! I don't understand the rush - BO isn't as smart as he thinks because he's taking actions w/ no idea what the consequences will be. Like closing Gitmo with no plan in place for the prisoners. Why not wait and have a plan?

What a burden this will be on my kids and their kids. It won't be long before we start hearing about the luxury jets and gold toilets paid for with this so-called stimulus (or I guess we're supposed to be happy for the gold-toilet maker?)


".....only $90 billion out of $825 billion, or about 12 cents of every $1, is for something that can plausibly be considered a growth stimulus."

This is a good overview of the so-called stimulus plan.


Ms. M

D L Hughley, who openly supported Imus for Nappy headed ho remark is supporting BLAGO! according to Larry King blog DL attended a rally...any of you computer whizzes know more? GO DL....GO BLAGO!

New Name For This Post:

Old Hags Who Have Nothing Better To Do:

Read em here first!!!

I am watching this bill being debated in the U. S. House. I just heard someone say - didn't catch his name - that it is going to cost over $200,000 to create ONE JOB.


The Imus Website has added Live Stream Feature.



Imus In The Morning listed in top 25 Talkers by Newsmax...where has John Le Bootlickier gone?



Yep It's Cold!



Ms. M

Pelosi was absolutely beaming announcing passage of HR1....



Beaming for how long? The Democrats OWN this. The Republicans Blocked it, No Skin in the GAME.



Ree, thanks for the "hotair" link re: the voting for the tax cheat...
below are the Republicans who voted yes:

BTW, if I were Crapo, I'd change my name.. lol)


hope you are staying warm, Ree.

Mel, thanks for the mad magazine link.. very funny!


As stated above every Republican in the House voted against it.

Now it goes to the Senate. They need a majority which may be tough since many Democrat Senators are not for it either. I hope McCain sticks to the "NAY".

And Ms.M,

I am very sorry but Governor Blago will be impeached. He will be speaking for 1 1/2 hours in his defense either tomorrow or Friday. That is all he is allowed to do. After that and the impeachment is finished, he's out.

Then the Feds get involved and may convict him. If not he is still out of Illinois and done in Government service.

This is my opinion and no disrespect to you or anyone else who supports Blago.

Ms. M

what was it Lou use to say? you can't change STUPID....


So. Welcome to 'Change For America', a/k/a Socialism.

It's going away, people. Our beloved Homeland - the USA of our youth - is being chipped away and flushed down the Liberal drain.

Yoo Hoo! Wake up, America!!!

As for Blago and his impeachment: it can't happen soon enough. These entrenched political animals are so comfortable in their artificial world they don't think twice anymore about their crooked deals. It's time for Americans to take charge back! It's time for "The Law" to apply to ALL, as it was intended. It's time for "well, that's the way we do things" to no longer be an acceptable excuse.

God Bless America! And, God, help America.


Imus, I miss you. I really preferred you when you did your own program your own way, PRE-castration. Now that your nuggets are being juggled by Foster, Dierdre, and the goons at Media Matters, I guess all we can say is, "it is what it is", and leave it at that.


Copy, that, Jack!

Ms. M

I think most Americans miss the significance of BLAGO, his role in the democratic party & getting Obama elected...I think most Americans missed the significance of what happened to Don Imus....I think these are two really good examples of why we have become what we are...


We're about to be subjected to another socialist boondoggle. Courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama. I'm outraged. Once again, I told you so.





Congrats to those Republicans who stood strong and voted against that big fat socialistic pork chop!.. kudos to the few dems who voted against it too.

Yeah, I called Emnanuel Cleaver, the congressman of my district. I did actually get through to someone/a secretary or aide. not Cleaver..I had called him against the bail-out too..a small voice that didn't make much impact, but then again, added to others, maybe it will add to the noise of dissent.

Oh yeah, and the Taliban approve of BO....that should help us all sleep at night.





Cheers for the House Republicans and 11 democrats.

Yeah!!!!!,the dems are just going to ignore the 'pubes, who wouldn't vote for ANYTHING proposed by a democratic Pres, anyway, just because they can't get out of their box- just PERHAPS, this just might do out country some good, (GASP)!- Taryn. GO OBAMA!


"our country"-


If we had some more bipartanship on the part of democrats we might be able to get a reasonable and pork-free bill passed. This piece of crap they are passing through is not going to do any good. All you have to do is read the Bill.




.....only $90 billion out of $825 billion, or about 12 cents of every $1, is for something that can plausibly be considered a growth stimulus. And even many of these projects aren’t likely to help the economy immediately.

will cost over $200,000 to create ONE job.


There's a rumor Michelle O is pregnant - how old is she?

She's 45, I believe...good for her. My grandmothers on both sides has their last kids at 50 (no fertility treatments)= Taryn


It's just gossip and probably not even true. My sister had her last at 43 and no, it's not abonormal these days. Sarah Palin had hers at 43 too.

maybe he gave her his stimulus package!

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