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Friday, June 13, 2008



Awful, His appearances on the show made him feel like family. In retrospect, I am glad I-man forgave him and let him back on the program. It goes to show that life is too short to hold grudges.


RIP TIM..we hardly knew ye


Sad day for the I man & all fans of the show. Over the years there were great moments with Tim on the show. Just way too young to leave us. To his family, friends, the I man & especially Big Russ, I'm so sorry for your loss. We'll miss you Tim. I


God Bless, My prayers for the Russert Family. This doesn't seem real, 58 is young.


Terrible, Terribly sad news thoughts and prayers go out to to Tim's family.

Sad sad.


I am sorry Tim Russert died and at such a young age. I sent an email after he did that to Imus and I feel bad now that I did that. :((((((((((((((((((((((((((




Sympathy to his family. God Bless.


Russert was everything a real American should be. He worked hard, loved his family, loved America, had faith, earned everything he achieved.

Great journalist.


Is Imus scheduled to be on this Monday?

I'm sure Tim Russert is secure knowing that the creature DTT deams him to be a "Real American". LMAO you can't make this critter up.



They are scheduled to be on Monday.
I think there will be a memorial service for Tim Russert he knew so many people. I can imagine everyone who knew him is in shock right now.


First, it is spelled "deems", not "deams". Second, I don't care if you think I'm a "creature", but it is inappropriate right now to turn this into some petty squabble. Show some class.

RIP Tim Russert.


How so so sad. Impossible to take it in.


Dang, this sucks. BIG time. :(




R.I.P Tim!


Great comments, Tom. Imus fans knew a different side to Russert after all the years of appearances so it does feel personal. I feel for his father, wife and son...Father's Day is Sunday.


Oh, my, I hadn't thought of Father's Day. Wow.


My heart goes out to his family. SO SAD, may God Bless his family during this terrible time.


Because of his unfailing good humor, because he was a giant in politics and broadcasting, his death at such a young age, on the very eve of Father's Day, will be remembered as a major milestone this political year.

I too am feeling a severe loss as if he were a member of the family.


Hannity just read a letter he wrote his son when he went off to college...I feel heartbroken for him. Hannity knew him and talks about his heart of gold. This is such a huge loss for so many.


What a staggering loss to all who love political journalism. Such a statesman, unlike anyone since Walter Cronkite. It's hard to imagine watching the news without him. I feel so very sad for his beloved family, especially Big Russ. Heartbreaking. I'm glad Tim and Imus were friends again.

Mary Lynn

I feel bad how I bad mouthed Tim on this site because of how I perceived his treatment of Imus was I know I'm not alone.

Just heard it oon the news and I feel terrible. Thanks to the webmaster for putting up so fast a great video of Tim & the Iman.

Prayers to his family

Miss Missy

So many people on here were hurt and angry at Tim for not standing up for the Iman. That is human nature and please do not let it make you feel badly. There's always guilt associated with the survivors when someone dies. People build up the deceased and make them seem super-human. Well, they were human with flaws and faults just like the rest of us. Just keep that in mind and do the best you can. Pray for Tim's soul and pray for his family! And take care, all of you!


Two innocent Oklahoman young girls shot...a tornado kills four hard working Boy Scouts in Iowa...and now the son of Big Russ dies. A set of unfortunate and untimely deaths in the news during this very sad week. Perhaps something for this nation to reflect on this Father's Day weekend. Condolences to all....



Terrible - nobody wants to lose a hard working person - hoe hand, tractor driver, talk show host, lawyer, etc....


My daughter is at the University of Iowa, and she lives in Iowa City. They are having flooding there and have cancelled class next week. She's on a third floor apt with her husband, but I'm so worried about her. She is 12 hours away from me!! Please keep good thoughts.
As for Tim, may he rest in peace and it's comforting, I know,to his family to see and hear the outpouring of love.


Terrible - nobody wants to lose a hard working person - hoe hand, tractor driver, talk show host, lawyer, etc....

Mary Lynn

Kathy, I know you don't post much at all here anymore, but all the "oldies" remember you and will certainly have good thoughts for you. I remember the pictures you sent me of her wedding. She will be fine.

Miss Missy, thanks for your post and is steve, yes we all use some good news for a change.
Happy Fathers Day to all Dads.


Thank you Mary Lynn; will try and do better about posting. My husband was sick for awhile; he's doing much better now and I'm thankful for that. I check in though and will try to do better. Sending my best to you and everyone!

Nick D.

Thanks for the YouTube clip of "The Best Of Imus" from MSNBC featuring Tim Russert....hysterical stuff.

I gave Russert a bit of a pass for using "Meet The Press" to hammer Imus when the I-Man was taking heavy heat, because there is such a thing as loyalty to your employer.

I think it speaks volumes that Imus featured Russert upon the return of "Imus In The Morning" on RFD/WABC...

And a tip of the cap to Tim Russert, who put some fairly passionate personal political beliefs aside and showed far more fairness and objectivity than the vast majority of other broadcast journalists, especially the blatant partisans at MSNBC.


Seeing images of Tim played over and over on MSNBC, it's hard to connect with the reality that he's not really there...it will take some time to get our minds around that fact.

Imus led the way to forgiveness, even if not all of us had gotten "there" yet. For that I am grateful.

Having just returned from a pilgrimage to the seat of Rome, Tim could probably not have done any more as a practicing Catholic to assure a speedy-no-detours-trip to the Pearly Gates. That thought is comforting even if nothing else about this untimely death can be.


Sad news Russert was class personified
A true gentlemen and a great newsman


God, what a terrible loss.

One of the last great journalists left.

Maybe Tim can go up to God now and find out who wins in Nov.

I still can't believe it.

God rest his soul.

Mary Lynn

Tim Russert tribute tonight @ 10.

What a difference a year makes.


Imus hater, Russert hater Mary Lynn is shedding tears! Pleeeeze

Go away Ezugo

THAT IS CRUEL AND UNNECESSARY! You have shown your true colors "Ezugo" I pity you because you are seemingly so full of hate


A time to remember the good times with Tim Russert.

As a person that is his age almost, I feel for his family and most of all his Father. One who he cared for. And now on this Father's day has outlived his son. Not a pleasant thought for any Father.

So God Bless you Mr. Russert and your family. May you live in the house of the Lord Forever. Amen


I saw on Fox that there's speculation that Tim had a clot. He had just gone to Italy to celebrate his son's graduation.

A clot is what killed David Bloom.

That's just eerie.
Sometimes when someone dies of a massive heart attack, it runs in the family, but Big Russ is, what, almost 90?
So the clot explanation makes sense.
Don't know for sure if it's true.

Tim was this generations' Edward R. Murrow.


Give me a break, Mary Lynn is so over the top in her grief. Give me a break.


Last year, we all took pot shots at Russert, not just Mary Lynn. He was a visible target of our loss of Imus. That doesn't mean we aren't genuinely aggrieved at this time. That was then; this is now.

The above comment by Ezugo is disgraceful.


A blood clot. What landed me in the hospital for two weeks. Ended up the lungs. Survived it, but then as they say, only the good die young. :)

Rest in Peace, Mr. Russart.


You want to be a hater that's fine, enough of the crocodile tears. That's my stand.


I lost a friend and former co-worker in March ; she was also 58 and had a blood clot; it was very quick which is a blessing. I know that everyone is sorry about what happened to Tim and I don't understand why there are negative comments against Mary Lynn. She is a very good person and doesn't deserve that.

Hey Ezuqo, I bet your for Obama. Right?


Lots of great tributes to a great journalist and American. It seems to me like there are few real journalists on TV anymore.


God, I usually don't go for banning anyone, but ezugo is right there.

Holy cow, man have some sympathy!


Yeah, and DTT is the one accused of hate posts.

Wow. That's insane.


For who Mary Lynn? The women is so full of hate. I'm just pointing out what a phony she is.

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