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Monday, September 03, 2007



Boy, he looked old and miserable, didn't he?

Dave Ruden

probably the most relaxing summer he has had in years.. sleeping in til 5 am..
i was hoping to see him swearing at the little children...


I didn't see it. But if you did maybe you recorded the video and can share it.
"Old and Miserable"? Well when you have a routine everyday for almost 40 years and that routine is interrupted, you may look old and miserable too.

He is full of venom and ready to strike when he comes back. Please don't take my comments as an afront to yours about his appearance. He is the Imus we grew to love. "Old and Cranky"


More audio from DonaldLinks. Disk 1, audio 9 and 10.




He IS old and miserable ! ;}

Lenny, the Fake Cardinal Egan

Hey y'all,

I'm trying a new character out as we're still in an Imus-less doldrum. Thoughts? :o

It's on YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/watch?v=3mFdi4qbnV0


Last DonaldLinks audio compilation for Cuts 11 and 12 on Disk 1. Thank you Donald.




Bruce...great job on the YouTube cuts! Just for the record....there is no "L" in Inks...lol. Donald Inks


My apologies to you Donald regarding the spelling error. I have changed the page information, but it would be time consuming to change the internal graphics. So I think those that watch or listen to it will understand.

Have a good day

Harold Chattaway

I just watched the Imus special, and it was great. That is the most extraordinary place for those kids. The work that the Imus's put into that ranch is very obvious. And to see the way those kid's lives are changed was pretty emotional.

Let's remember, everytime a copy of that show is put online instead of buying the CD, the less money the ranch gets!


Attention Imus Storm Troopers.

Here's your vowels back, aeiou, aeiou, aeiou, aeiou, aeiou, aeiou, aeiou, aeiou, aeiou, aeiou, aeiou, aeiou.....

Vanna spun the wheel and told me I better start Fakin It if I want my vowels.



OMG...TOO funny, Pro X !!


I'm going right to ImusRanchFoods and buy my DVD. Thanks for the info, as always. I felt like this morning should have been Christmas with the present being the Iman back on the radio. I'm sure we will hear something soon. And, now with the DVD, I have physical evidence of his positive contributions to society. Not that I need it. But, others do. Plus, I can't wait to watch him again. And, I'm getting my Donald Inks CD's soon, as well.
BTW, the aeiou's are funny, right?


I wish I could have seen my favorite 'old and miserable' guy but we don't get that channel. The man is authentic and doesn't fake anything so what were you expecting - a jovial phoney act ala Al Roker?

I sure miss him. How could the man not be pissed off? I am and I don't even know these people. It was absolutely wrong that he was fired, should never have happened.

New Mexico Fred

Charles...Lou missing from Boomer in the Morning Show....

Both will join Imus later...

New Mexico Fred

Contract details being worked out...

Relax...be patient


That's good news about Lou, Fred. Nobody ever mentions Bernie though....

If you guys get the chance, ask Neil Best to keep Imus fans informed. I listened to Boomer this morning and didn't last 5 minutes, not my kind of show. No Charles or Lou = boring, not to mention the last thing I wanted to do was get their numbers up by listening online.



Patience, patience, what else do Imus fans have these days?!

Lenny, the Fake Cardinal Egan

Er, Lou was on Carton's show this morning. So were Chris and Tracy. No Charles, though... who's surprised, honestly?


Patience, gotten good at that the past 144, gulp, days. As long as Imus is coming back. I'll be happy when I don't have to check this site all the time! The summer of '07 will forever be remembered as the summer of imustruth.

Of bigger importance though is I need P&G to come back with Imus because my hair is really missing Pantene! I haven't missed any of their products except Pantene and the Downey Wrinkle Reducer.


I only lasted maybe 3 minutes actually so I really wouldn't know who was on there and didn't want to support the show. So Len - are you going to keep listening? How'd Boomer do?

I don't like Chris Carlin so I could care less about him.


I listened to Carton's show all the time when he was on NJ 101.5 (since I live in NJ), and it was basically a hybrid of Jersey Guys with the remnants of Imus in the Morning (Tracy and Chris). Honestly, the show wasn't that bad - Carton dominated it, as I expected him to since that's how he was with Ray Rossi at NJ 101.5. Boomer got a few words in, barely. Craig's -alright-. A little more subdued today than I'm used to with him, but that's because he's in with the big boys now probably, but he also knows it's his brass that got him there. This is obvious though: CRAIG CARTON IS NOT DON IMUS. Painfully proven today.

Will I keep listening? Who knows. I tuned in today out of curiosity. I was flipping between Curtis and Kuby and Boomer and Craig.

I'm not saying Craig's a bad guy. People like him, just like people like Don and just like people like Howard. Personally, I like the "new" Jersey Guys show on NJ 101.5 (http://www.nj1015.com btw) with Casey and Ray since Ray actually talks now and Casey isn't as obnoxious.

Wow, what a ramble. :)


Thanks. Boomer seems like a nice enough guy, just like Joe Scarborough, but Imus is different. I listen to talk radio all day for instance, and you could not pay me to listen to their Best of cds. I like Curtis Sliwa (sp?) and hope they put him somewhere else if Imus takes over the morning slot in NY.

I know Carlin is a Rutgers guy. He's a good sports guy but I never felt he fit in on Imus - too sensitive and I ended up feeling sorry for him which made me uncomfortable. Not to mention he has a face for radio, not TV.


Looked at a few minutes of Morning Joe this morning. Looks like he's all alone now. Guess the other people got tired of just sitting listening to him talk! How long is this gig going to last?

Mary Lynn Nemergut

It doesn't surprise me that Tracy is still there. She has probably worked for CBS for a while and why would she leave unless she has something better to go to?
Charles not being there this morning is a good sign, but I'm worried about Bernie.
We all just want the gang back; whether we get them or not is a different story.
I like Carlin but wouldn't go out of my way to listen to him.
I don't know. Is this a "no news is good news" situation? I think that some people who are close to Imus must keep up with the pro-Imus sites and I don't think he would leave us twisting in the wind if all the details were hammered out.

Mel, I already wrote to Neil last week. He said he wasn't blogging for a while but I still left him a post. I pointed out that although Imus wasn't a sports issue anymore, Michael Vick is and that the same people who called for Imus' head wanted forgiveness for Vick. That's the sports link.


I too listened to Esiason and Carton this morning. Must disagree with many of the comments posted above. Use to live in NJ ages ago and of course he wasn't on then. But this morning Sports show is just a joke. Very similar to Morning-Joke Scarborough on Mess-NBC. No Charles. No need for music from Lou. No real arguments or laughter. The commercials were better then the players.

There will be a niche for Sports in the Morning. But for a morning drive time show it can't compete with ABC. Though never listened to Curtis and Kuby, they will still kick Boomer and Craigs'butts all over the dial.

When Imus returns in the morning slot I am sure Curtis and Kuby will follow him or be on at an important time. Past 12PM EDT you have Rush and Hannity. They will not be moved.

Tracy Burgess is the traffic person. Again no direct contact with her by these jokers on the FAN. Atleast when I was listening. And she does a good job. But she was part of the act with the "IMUS GANG". I don't see her moving anytime soon.

And who said they didn't want to hear the best of Imus CD's that Donald sent out? Some of them are hilarious, others are just boring but still it's our guys making more sense then the President of the United States. OH OH! Bet the Secret service is listening.

Till later.


Bruce - I was listening to one on the cds on my bike ride on Sunday and started laughing so hard that I literally had to stop because I couldn't stop. Someone drove by and must have thought I was nuts. I can't even remember what was so funny but I love to laugh and that is what I miss about Imus in the Morning. The guys could make me laugh. Boring? Can't be an Imus fan.


A Sandy posted this on Best's blog. I don't know NY radio, does she have a point?

Charles McCord was a newsman at WNBC/WFAN long before he was on Imus' show. That is how he became Imus' newsman, it was his shift. Now, why does everyone assume he will go wherever Imus goes? There is only one station up there who might put Imus on in the morning and that is WOR. WABC won't replace Curtis & Kuby with Imus because they get higher ratings. Both WOR and WABC have established news departments and newspeople. They really don't need Charles. If Charles leaves WFAN because he is uncomfortable working on Imus' replacement show, his best move would be to the news stations CBS has--WINS or WCBS or be the newscaster in the morning for WCBS-FM. Radio news staffs are shrinking, not getting bigger, if you have a job, you should keep it.


Glad you laughed Mel but also happy you didn't fall off your bike. Sue in all honesty Charles McCord is Imus' right hand man, his writer, his balance when the I-Man goes a little too far. Yes McCord was a Newscaster before he met Imus. But when they did it was like a perfect fit. Tell me when you find Charles reading the News on WFAN by listening to every program please. Otherwise he is collecting a check for staying home. And Imus does need Charles. Do not be offended by my seemingly harsh statement. Remember we are pulling for the I-Man and Gang.

Now on to other things: News on Kia Vaughn. Not really but a little more clarity on what her suit could bring or not bring. Mostly not. Here is the link.



Correction Correction to Sue: Didn't read you were quoting something on something written on Best's blog.

Sorry for attacking the wrong messenger...

And the answer is NO she has no point unless she has inside information this Sandy person.


Sue – if this had been another show, then I would agree with Sandy. However, you have to realize that while a typical newsman just reads the news, Charles’ overall role is much more involved than that. He’s like the newsman/cowriter/straight man/co-conspirator/moral support/voice of reason/best friend/etc…and he’s been so for over 30 years. Plus, I remember someone saying that the show stinks every time that one is out sick and the other goes at it alone.

Anyway, I can’t see Imus doing a show without him.

(Besides, with whom will Imus talk to on the phone every night if Charles leaves? ;-)


Oh- and Bruce - McCord HAS been reading the news at WFAN in the mornings since Imus' firing. He hasn't been, in your words, "collecting a check for staying home."


Sandy doesn't sound like someone who actually listened to the show because yes, Charles was much more than a news reader and anyone with a clue knows this fact.

It was reported Charles would have no part in Boomer's show. Angie - did you hear him on another WFAN show or something? I'm assuming with Imus back in town that he's busy getting out of his contract and working out the details to join Imus.


Whoopie Goldberg started on the view today, right off the bat she brings up Michael Vick.
She has a forgiving attitude toward Vick.
This is so normal she say's.
He comes from the deep south.
It is his cultural upbringing.

This is the same Whoopie that has used Don Imus as a punching bag. For a comment he made.. As though Imus had comitted a horrible crime.


Mel, I just meant that he had stayed on doing the news for the morning show after Imus left - thus, he had to sit in with all the potential replacemets (which must have been a WORLD of fun...not). I think he stayed because WFAN was thinking about bringing Imus back. But since that option has been nixed, he has no choice but to leave.

Mary Lynn Nemergut


I posted something about that fucking phony Whoopie a few threads ago, pointing out that she was starting on "The View" this week. I NEVER watch that show.

I wish the site moderator here could dig up the two front pages of the NY Post & Daily News which showed her man at the time, Ted Dansen, in full black-face at her "Roast" at the Friars Club. What a commotion there was about that!! But of course, she said she helped him write the jokes so it was just fine.
Look up Ted Dansen in Wikipedia and you'll find it.
That is why I joined PETA and I am on my way over there now. At least I now have a platform to speak out against these phonies without having to mention Imus. Who knows over there who likes/dislikes him. That is not the point. But I knew this was going to happen and I knew it would be the Usual Suspects!! I hate what Vick did and I knew his apologists would be the same ones who hated Imus. This takes care of two issues at once. Maybe I can get some momentum going because while a love this site, we are a small, not very influential group. PETA is not!!

Ever feel like we're shoveling shit against the tide??


Charles preceded Imus at WNBC Radio. Initially his role on the program was an ultra-conservative, serious newsman. Over time his character evolved beyond newsman to; program writer, contributor, prankster, collaborator, cohort.

Earlier this year both Imus and Charles signed contracts of similar duration. Due to McCord's role his compensation is far in excess to any of the news persons at the FAN, probably the highest compensated news person at CBS Radio. WFAN is continuing to pay Charles under this contract as if IITM is still broadcast. With reasonable certainty, CBS is amenable to negotiating a settlement with Charles to get CBS out from under the contract.

As for Curtis and Kuby, this is strictly a local NYC radio program. Imus pulls in a radio audience of over 2.5M, Curtis and Kuby don't even show up in Talkers but O&A do! The program is not actively syndicated and also not simulcast on ABC Satellite Talk Radio.

Citadel Communications has been developing a platform for the delivery of national programming for affiliates and syndication. Missing piece in Citadel's strategy is the morning drive. Curtis and Kuby are not the answer, Imus is. Even locally IITM will gross more then Curtis and Kuby.

You know those maps "Boston View of the World" or "San Francisco View of the World, well there is "New York View of the World that can be equally myopic.

Mary Lynn Nemergut


I just emailed this site about what Whoopi said. I hope the moderator gets it, but if you are interested go to the Yahoo homepage and there it is.


I heard Curtis say if IITM came on WABC and replaced the Curtis and Kuby show, he would be fine with it because Imus stood up for him once -- can't remember what it was he stood up for him about though. Anyway, he said Mr. Imus stood up for him and he was okay with it. Maybe Imus could just get Curtis to stay on and be part of his show. Kuby -- I don't know, he seems all right but he is lawyer and and I believe a "defense" lawyer. So, what if they just kept him, too, for a little balance?


channel xrfr: you're so right about ny myopia. I was born and raised in manhattan. moved away a long time ago....people there should have an eye in the middle of their head to accommodate their myopia....for new yorkers....new york IS the universe....

we're all looking forward to Imus' return....missing piece continues to be tv simulcast...several options are a good fit, however, no 'rumors' out there yet.....I'm sure we'll all hear soon, it's been a long spring and summer!


This is the 1st site I go to each morning ~ looking for Imus & the gang. Its been a wicked long hot miasmic summer without Imus.





What I said was, "Did you here him today on WFAN. I listened to Chris Carlin with Charles, and the other hosts. But was he on today not last week or the week before. Think you missed the point.

Bruce from Florida


I think Whoopie forgot to put her brain in or hang her head out the car window this morning -- oops, but I forgot that's only for the dumb blond airheads.

To use her logic, Vick should be given a pass because of what? He's from the south and it's his cutural upbringing? Well, we could say that of slavery. Come on, Whoopie, What Vick did was wrong and I believe he is really sorry about it. If Whoopie wants to touch on something of substance, she should focus on the speech Robert Byrd made on the Senate floor condeming Vick. Now, since he is a former member of the KKK, I wonder if there could be a little bit of a racial undertone to what he said. If you haven't heard about that, it's because it was not on the so-called news. I saw his speech on CSPAN and it was -- well, to me it was obvious what his problem was.


Lenny heard Lou on WFAN this morning; what it means, who knows? I'm sure Lou needs a job and joining Imus might not be a sure thing like it is for Charles.

ML - I don't watch the View ever so I don't know about Whoopie and can't stand her anyway. I do remember Elisabeth Hasselbeck being on Hannity bashing Imus when it was obvious she'd never heard of the guy but was jumping on the anti-Imus bandwagon because it was popular that day.

Mary Lynn Nemergut


To paraphrase Rhett Butler to Scarlett "You're the thief who isn't sorry he stole but is very, very sorry he got caught!!". That is Vick the dick to me.

I can't stand The View. I have tried to watch it a few times but was only able to stomach it for about 10 minutes. It is so East Coast liberal and Barbara Walters ought to hang her head in shame. She was once, I heard, a credible FEMALE journalist. Back in her day in the late '70's early 80's, all my guy friends HATED her just because (I think) she was a female. I always stuck up for her without really knowing what anything was all about. I was NOT political then, I just thought they didn't like her because she ahd made it in a male dominated profession. I wish she would find her roots again, but I don't think it's likely.

BTW mailed both abc & The View to let them know what I think. Have the mailing address if anyone is interested.


Donald Inks, I received my CD's!!!!! Thank you so much. Such a gift. As soon as the US Open is over they will be my constant companions.
I'm so on edge waiting for word on when the Iman is coming back. The CD's will help me a lot!
Thank you, again.

Mary Lynn Nemergut

I can't believe it, but yes I can.

On BRAVO tonight they are showing "The World Acording To Whoopi".

I used to like her, but no more.

Like to many people, she has different rules for different people.


I was responding to a post above when I commented about the View, because I don't believe I have ever seen it, and the absurd excuse Whoopie gave for the dog fighting.

But since Imus was rode out of town on a rail and accused of being a racist, it does seem to me ironic that a man who is enough of a racist to have belonged to the KKK at one time had the nerve to get on the floor of the Senate and actually shout out his condemnation of Vick. Where are all those "racist hunters" when you need them?

What a contrast there, and this man, Senator Robert Byrd, is held in high esteem in the Senate of the United Congress and will, in fact, begin holding hearings tomorrow on Mine Safety. Which seems ironic as well, since his state of West Virginia does not have a very good record as far as mine safety is concerned.


*correction: held in high esteem in the Senate of the United States. Why is it I only see my typos after they are printed??

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