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Sunday, August 26, 2007



feel free to leave your thoughts about AM here


Mary Lynn Nemergut


I am looking for the weekly cable ratings so I can see just how badly morning schmo did. Where do I go to get them?

Had to laugh when I wewnt to link listed above I saw the category B&C. I thought it must mean Bitch & Complain but it doesn't! LOL


1 week till labor day and no Imus? Is this a very bad sign?



I don't think it's necessarily a bad sign. My interpretation was always that if Imus were back by Labor Day, he would be back on WFAN. It seems like it would be difficult for him to debut on another station by Labor Day, especially when you consider that he didn't resolve his contract with CBS until early August.

Mary Lynn Nemergut

Hey Mel!

Last night I woke up & suddenly thought of Van Morrison's country -based album. That is what I remember Imus playing of his.

Tried to look it up but since I am not that familiar with country or Van I don't even know if it was a complete album. But Lou played a few cuts from it not long before all this BS went down.

Weird how the mind works! Expecially I-man fans!

New Mexico Fred

Looks like a quiet week ahead...

News should start trickling in on about September 4th....

The Imus Watch continuuuuuuuues...

New Mexico Fred

Gotta go to Satellite radio to consistently hear songs from Van Morrison's country album...

The CD is called "Pay the Devil"...


So does that mean Joe is off on another vacation? Seems he's gone more than he's there. How is it that the host of a substitute show continually has substitutes filling in for himself? No matter, I guess...all the easier to remain "detached."


Remembering Cox - the odious git - who stabbed Imus in the back ~ she is NOT a Queen of Hearts - that would be Deirdra or Diana of Wales, never Cox ~ the creep. Cox would be the Queen of Spades.


NYT Magazine piece on Political Bloggers;

"Ana Marie Cox reinvented herself online as the Wonkette, a foulmouthed, hard-drinking, sex-obsessed politics junkie."

That was before her gig with The Washington Post, when interviewed by Time;

"But do I really want to give my tacit approval to someone whose greatest gift to public discourse could be fairly described as allowing pundits to get potty-mouthed?"


NYT http://www.nytimes.com/2004/09/26/magazine/26BLOGS.htmlex=1188273600&en=e3e4bd0953611679&ei=5070
TIME http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1609447,00.html


Well, I know where I'll be a week from Tuesday - watching Drudge because he's always first with big news. Hope you're right Fred. It's a great time to make an announcement. Summer is over and people are getting back to business, not to mention Imus will be back in NYC.

We have Pay the Devil, Van's country cd. It's good if you're a Van fan.

ML, the last ratings I found for MJ, they still don't call it that officially, are below. He does terrible in the key demo and has scratched (under 50k) many times already. Imus beat CNN regularly but CNN is firmly in 2nd place these days. It was such a stupid business decision to fire Imus.

Morning programs P2+ (25-54)
FOX & Friends – 804,000 viewers (287,000)
American Morning – 461,000 viewers (179,000)
MSNBC Live (7-9am) – 205,000 viewers (68,000)
Robin & Co. – 218,000 viewers (118,000)

Donald Inks

Hello all you I-Fans! Well, the computer docs say my harddrive is fried....so I am in the process of having THAT replaced and THEN having to RE-INSTALL all of my toys and programs...and my MUSIC library...glad I had a secondary hard drive to back all the stuff up...and I hope it works...lol. Anyway, Bruce, and all that e-mailed me this past week, the C.D. collection was finished and will be in the mail tomorrow. For the few that contacted me since Friday, Please e-mail me back with your addresses again in about a week. I'm using my step- sons computer in the meanwhile. And to all those that recieved the C.D. set and contributed to the Imus Ranch...BLESS YOU! I hope the C.D. set will get you all through this "Minus the Imus In The Morning" time.


Head to DCRTV's website or mediabistro's TVNewser. Both carry the cable ratings showing MSNBC is in the celler.


I'm not surprised about Moronic Joe's ratings in the toilette...it's just plain Boring Joe...no music, no comedy, uninteresting interviews...for me, it's become Snoring Joe...but I am at least more rested than I was during Imus...4:30 AM Central Time comes awfully early...I am getting too used to this...it might be okay with Imus coming back as Imus at Mid-Morning (!)


Imus at midnight would not scare me away.


"Watch out for black man that is constantly scratching at the scabs left by racisim, his main interest is not in healing, but in keeping a constant sense of greviance going so he can keep his job". - Booker T. Washington

I found this quote on the web site "Jump The Shark" where posters talk about TV shows that have 'jumped the shark', or when a TV show starts to go downhill. I don't want to insult anyone's intelligence, but the phrase 'jumping the shark' came from the TV show 'Happy Days', when Fonzie (in his leather jacket) tried to water ski over a shark in the ocean. From that point on, the show was never quite the same. Anyways, I found this quote posted by someone about the 'Imus In the Morning' show. I tried to validate the source as Booker T. Washington, I 'Googled', but didn't find it, (and I really didn't look very hard). I thought the quote was very apropriate to the Imus debacle. There are alot of interesting posts about the show. Just go to 'Jump The Shark'-Shows A-Z, and hit "I" and find Imus In the Morning.


...ready for a new thread...one day of the Queen-of-Farts is enough for me...


How about Ana Marie "Sucks" Cox?


Ana Marie Cox -- she gets my all-time No. 1 backstabbing bhypocrite award. She went from talking to Imus on the show one day to only a few days later bashing him on some news panel. I no longer want Imus to come back to MSNBC. They deserve what they have. I want to see Imus somewhere, anywhere, in the same timslot as the Low Morning Joe and see him blast that show along with all backstabbers right out of the water.

Mary Lynn Nemergut

Please get that bitch's smiling face off the site.


We are still going strong here! This article was written on JUNE 15th!!!!




The link Harley posted contains comments about the MessyNBC "double-standard" that, as we know, was applied unfairly to Imus. Lest it be forgotten, Joe Schmoe's long-ago predecessor in the 10 pm/9 pm time slot was...Alan Keyes...and the network not only dumped him unceremoniously, but replacement Joe (who I think was trying to imitate Bill O. at the time) and other personalities were full of on-air smirks and snide comments about it...I remember it as having "racist" overtones to it...double, triple and quadruple standards and nothing new for this falling network that I used to watch almost exclusively, but no more...


Didn't Bernie refer to NBC as "Nothing But Caucasians"?


NY Post article about Imus & ABC Radio


New Mexico Fred

Speaking of WABC...

Interesting that Curtis(one half of the current morning team at WABC) has been missing from the show for some time now...

Could be something is INDEED up at WABC...

Welcome to WABC, Imus?


re: NY Post article
Thank you, GOD.

New Mexico Fred

Suleman runs the entire ABC Radio Network?


ABC Radio Network is on BOTH Sirius AND XM satellite radio..

Go, Suleman! Get'er done!


John Gibson of FNC called Curtis a winner (it was posted here earlier):

"And Curtis Sliwa is a winner, along with Don Imus. Imus might take Sliwa's time slot on WABC Radio in New York, but classy Curtis said, hey, Imus got screwed and I'll be fine. Berets off to Curtis."

Sliwa is good when he subs for Hannity but he ain't no Imus.

Suleman sounds like a man with some cajonas who understands the bottom line unlike say, Steve CaPuss.

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