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Sunday, March 08, 2009



Donald Inks

This one is Houston a case of mistaken Identity Jose Perez was mistake for a rival drug dealer who was being targeted.


Maybe because we are a border state we hear more about this activity but just like the report on CSPAN it has spread to 230 cities.


I just got done listening to the old broadcast of Imus's last day at MSNBC. What a pussy whipped mess he became at the end. He still is....a pussy whipped nightmare...Just like bubble belly Bruce


Mr. Period should have his Penis removed.....

He then can put it where Bo Dietl had his operation last Monday.

Really funny Mr. Period. You have made my day.






Uh Oh, Margerey Eagan, Obama buttgirl, is losing faith:

We’re all in a panic. Barack Obama’s nerd squad is making it worse.

Or “super nerd,” as Peter R. Orszag, the White House budget man, has called himself - jokingly, I think. But it’s no joke. He’s the guy who’s supposed to rescue and reassure us. Instead he was all over TV last week and Sunday speaking in a voice only a dog could hear. If you closed your eyes, he sounded barely pubescent. “More jobs are lost. More businesses are closed.”

Was that a lisp? If you opened your eyes? Horrible.Then there’s the second guy who’s supposed to rescue and reassure us. That’s Timothy “the mistakes I made on my taxes” Geithner. We’ve heard the jokes: “Every time Geithner opens his mouth, my house loses half its value.” Or this: “What’s with the pointy ears? He’s Son of Spock, from Vulcan and the Starship Enterprise.” Thank God his voice is lower than Orszag’s. But it cracks constantly. Let’s face it. He’s a squirrelly, squirrelly guy.

Does this matter? Absolutely. If you can’t deliver your message, your message doesn’t get through. If you can’t inspire confidence, we’ll remain basket cases. Orszag and Geithner may be The Best and Brightest. I hope so. But neither could inspire me to cross the street.

I know. Obama, he of the cool shades and passable jump shot, is president. Yet now more than ever we need Marlboro Men around him, Clint “Make My Day” Eastwood types. Manly men. Rugged men. With baritones. Obama’s money men? They look like wusses and sound like girls.



Is the I-Man there today? Guess I need to finally buy an I-Pod if I ever want to hear the show again.


Never mind, the replay in back.


Always on top of the No Names and Imporstors Harley....If that was you Harley.


The I-Man sounds fine to me.

JJ - I stand by my comment that I do not understand why you liberals see no problem with redistributing wealth..goal being to pay for more welfare. Definition: governmental provision of economic assistance to persons in need. Stealing/taking away someone's hard-earned money and giving it away to someone who has done nothing to earn it? How can anyone think that is right or even legal? I'm a typical middle-class person and the thought horrifies me, yes....the very last thing I'd want is to be on government assistance. It really is not that difficult to understand, JJ, even with your limited capacities. Why would anyone not want to provide for themselves, to be in control of their own destiny? I understand welfare is a necessary safety net but the people on it, don't use it that way. It creates a dependence on government and destroys people's lives. I believe that is Obama's goal, to have everyone dependent on government which explains why he wants to punish the producers and decimate charities.




The news story out of Texas this morning and it was picked up the statistic of homeless children the survey was taken in 2005/2006 right after Katrina so has there been another survey since? Texas has absorbed a lot of Louisianans. I myself have spoken to people who have no intention of going back, and are making their lives in Texas now because it is a better situation. Given the condition of Louisiana schools it is going to take them time to get up to speed in Texas schools.


Apology accepted, Bobbie. Thanks. BTW, we have a rough road ahead, people out here are extremely upset and polarized. Having a few extra guns around for self-protection is not a bad idea.


"The Statistics Picked up Nationally" apparently Texas has the highest rates of homeless children in 2005/2006, they are not mentioning those years are post Katrina.


Yes, we need a few Marlboro men here. One thing about Reagan, he was a man's man. Eggheads with all their computer models are part of the cause of the problem. They thought they had outsmarted the system and they were wrong. Even Alan Greenspan says he had the "wrong model." However, he was supposed to be one of the great minds. And Timothy tax cheat Geithner was also part of the problem. Geithner and Orszag, a couple of Barney Fife type characters.

Obama himself has practically no experience in life or anything else. He wrote a couple books, did a little community organizing ACORN style, and campaigned for president. That's about it. And now he snubs PM Brown because he is tired and needs a cigarette. Amateur Hour.

He was marketed, just like Tide detergent. He won some kind of American Idol type election based on what everybody wanted him to be not was he is, and now the rubber has met the road. All he has done so far is spend more money than has ever been spent in history (I think).

I spent a lot of time looking into his background and associates and what he has said over the short span of time he has been mainside, and I don't have any confidence that he has the best interests of the country at heart. He can barely hide his distaste at times, revealed in many of his comments, the latest one being what he said about the Eric Holder remarks. Also in what he has said about the Constitution, and the framers thereof. These are not idle comments, but are a window into his core beliefs.


And I forgot Larry Summers. I saw his name a lot in what I read about what cause the economy problem.

Oh, markets soaring (MSNBC's word "soaring") up triple digits. up to 6788.70.


Bella, did you read Margerey's article? That girl was drunk on the O-laid back in the Fall and seems to have sobered up!


Mel, yes, I read that.

I think today he is going to take on the teacher's union.


Watch the attacks on Jim Cramer. Makes me mad, because it is because he criticized the Big O. However, I knew it would happen. He is making rounds, I guess, but it won't help him. I wrote yesterday that I hope he has either saved a lot of money or doesn't mind sleeping in his car. They have their little minions pouring over every word he has ever said, probably going through his garbage.



To keep an eye on the Dow go here.


Up and Down we go. Like BHO said. All because Citi-Group said they had a great quarter.

It won't last long, though I hope it does.


I lost most of my 401k well before the stimulus- blaming that is just ignorant!


Well low and behold the market held up.

6926.49+379.44 / +5.80% Mar 10

Maybe Mr. Insane Obama was right. But I wouldn't bet my first born on it.


Only after the huge Reagan recession -- made worse by utterly failed Reagan "Voodoo Economics" - did Democrats regain some control in Congress. They halted some Reagan initiatives, but couldn't do much on their own. That was a time of gridlock.
Six years into Reagan's presidency, Democrats retook the Senate, and began to reverse some of Reagan's horrendous policies. By that time, Reaganomics had "accomplished" quite a bit: doubled the national debt, caused the S&L crisis, and nearly wrecked the financial system.
Which brings us to myth number two: Jimmy Carter wrecked the economy, and Reagan's bold tax cuts saved it.
This is utterly absurd. Economic growth indices -- GDP, jobs, revenues -- were all positive when Carter left office. All plunged after Reagan policies took effect.
Reagan didn't cure inflation, the main economic problem during the Carter years. Carter's Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker tried when he raised interest rates. That's the opposite of what Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan has done to keep inflation low.
Carter's policies and people fought inflation, but maintained real growth. On the other hand, Reagan's policies helped cause the worst recession since the Great Depression: two bleak years with nearly double-digit unemployment! Reaganomics failed in less than a year, and it took an entire second year for the economy to recover from the failure.



Despite Peggy Noonan's wild delusion that Reagan "said he would cut the budget, and he did," he expanded it significantly. Neither did he reduce the size of government --- the number of federal workers rose 61,000 under Reagan, as opposed to Clinton who cut 373,000 jobs. The deficit tripled from the time he took office until the time he left.
I understand that Republicans are responsible for the complete and utter failure of supply side economics and the damage that the unfettered implementation of their crackpot theories has wrought, and they're struggling to rationalize why anyone should listen to them. But their continuing need to transmogrify Ronald Reagan in order to gin up an excuse only underscores how morally impoverished, intellectually bankrupt and justifiably discredited the conservative movement is right now.



Posted by Bruce:

"It won't last long, though I hope it does."

It won't.

“Barry Ritholtz, CEO of Fusion IQ, says the current bailout bonanza is “absolutely asinine” and believes there’s no good reason the U.S. government should be rescuing the debt holders and counterparties of firms like AIG and Citigroup.

“Why do you and I as taxpayers have to make good some bet that Goldman or Deutsche Bank [or Pimco] made?,” he asks. “When you lend money to an insolvent institution, you’re not supposed to be made whole.”

“While painful at the onset - for debt and shareholders alike - such a process would ultimately result in “a reboot - a fresh start” for companies like Citigroup, AIG and Bank of America, says Ritholtz. “Just get them out from under all of the horrific decisions their inept and incompetent management has made over the past decade.”

From Nouriel Roubini to Paul Krugman, Alan Greenspan and a rising number of Republican Senators, momentum appears to be swinging toward that outcome.”
“Get Long Torches & Pitchforks: Bailouts “Absolutely Asinine,” Ritholtz Says”



The thing is: if they are doing SO well...(Citi)...where is the flow and the liquidity of their capital?


It came from all of US and they aren't letting any out where it NEEDS to go...namely:

The very ones that bailed them out.


March 19, 2002 (Political Sanity/APJP)

That is a 7 year old Democratic statement. At the time Reagan was in office I was in Banking.

The Prime was at almost 18 percent. Certificates of Deposits were paying 21 percent.

Bridge loans cost the consumer dearly. I am sure we all can find Left and Right wing blogs that will tell a whole different story.

But what's the point. We are in this because of many on both sides not agreeing to regulate anything.

Thanks you Isis. A very informative 7 year old article.


My own quote:

"It came from all of US and they aren't letting any out where it NEEDS to go...namely:

The very ones that bailed them out. "

So... where IS it going? To all the bastards that wrought this entire mess upon us, along with their criminal friends on Wall Street. That's where. Screw Wall Street. Those assholes have wrought more destruction upon us all (and extending it to a global scale) than we got on 9/11.

Don't like the sound of those words? Better get used to them.


Newsmax mentions Imus and the future of Talk Radio.

Thanks To Sarah Palin 2012 for sending this to me:)




Douglas Brinkley was complaining about a fence going up on the Southern Texas Border this morning on Imus in the Morning. Through a Golf Course I believe:)


The Fence is almost finished.




News Alert
7:12 p.m. ET Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Spending Bill Passes
The U.S. Senate approves a $410 billion omnibus spending bill, sending it to President Obama to sign.

For more information, visit washingtonpost.com


Big ol jelly belly bruce taking time out of his lonely life to share his words of wisdom with us all. Let us laugh and mock.


Thank you Mr. Period. Have a great evening.


OH NO! It's Mr. Colon, perfect.


""At the time Reagan was in office I was in Banking.""


And I was in Detroit designing new Vets....


Hi Isis,

What's with the crack about Banking???? That is when Banking was responsible. 20 years in that profession is nothing to sneeze at, is it?

And I didn't start out as a VP.

And help me here. What is designing new Vets?

Don't get the connection.

Let's remain civil or no one else will speak. Please!



ok ok,,,don't start getting nuts here B.


If you say you were a "banker", then you were a banker................


Except for a few little spots of flooding here and there, and a chance that a tornado might hit while I'm sleeping, everything is wonderful here........ :>)




Not getting nuts at all. Just asked a simple question. Vets could have been Veterans, Veterinarians etc.

Remember I, I was born in 1949. So twenty years in banking and then three in the Car business as a Financial officer were all related.

Know all about Corvette's. Financed a $50,000 dollar one in 1990. That guy wasn't even qualified but I sold it to the Bank... Ha!.

There are friends here who know what I say is true.

So you were in the manufacturing end or office end of GM?


No Bruce, I DID'NT design Corvettes... :0(

Ms. M

Is is, No kidding 'cause its vettes, not vets...pop culture quiz who is Zora Duntov?

Ms. M

why does it take so blasted long to post a comment? refresh, pf5, too long to see posts....not a good improvement in my opinion....

Ms. M

good nite all, if anybody is out there....


Do not like pop questions.
Duntov was either one of Mae Wests husbands, a car designer, or a member of the Ziegfield Follies....

Irregardless the Vette was the greatest designed car. The LOOK.........a brother-in-law builds them from 1 bolt up, has for years, he's a master mechanic...They win in shows. He has 5 stored in a garage..

One is a pearlized midnight blue that stops the heart when it's gazed upon ( by me)

Do u think he would let me drive it for 6 blocks???!!!



What doesn't belong and why???

A. This sight?
B. This cite?
C. This site?
D. The Podcasts

Answer C.

This site is almost non-functional,,plus, if the Podcasts are going to be removed I'm out of here.....no WAY will I pay money to listen somewhere else......What? Does it seem like I was born yesterday???



I have invited you to get a substitute for podcasts that I put up every day of the Imus show.

No one knows who is who since all updates and upload links are sent as a BCC.

Email address to request your name and address be added is bvb720@gmx.net

And I do not send unsolicited opinions to individuals or the group of friend. Think about it before saying no at this time.


Remember the Email address.





Howard Fineman is supposed to be on tomorrow isn't he?



I wish IITM would book Camille Paglia, she isn't a bomb thrower. "Heads Should Roll" she wants The Obamas to do a Clean Sweep of the Administration.


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