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Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Get Well Imus


-- AIG paid 73 employees bonuses of $1 million or more; 11 of whom are no longer there, according to NY Atty. Gen. Cuomo.


You guys crack me up that you seem so p/o'd that Obama has a life, a family, etc. outside of the Oval office at times. Bush spent 40% of his presidency "relaxing", clearing brush, riding his bike, or whatever he did- fact. Most every recent political figure has been on the late night talk shows, Stewart, radio talk shows, etc, including the Republican candidates. It's just a new world....Taryn


Don't forget Taryn,,Barack also "has parties while Rome is burning". LMAO..

He needs no defense what so ever, he's going on Leno to reach about 5 million block-heads who don't have a clue politically or any other way. Will try to briefly explain what he's doing and why to them....

Too bad he's not like Shrubby, and keeps every single thing hidden. Many people like that, their heads are quite comfortable when they are buried in the sand...


Exactly...actually commmunicates to the public, whether good or bad- what a concept!! Isn't that his job? Read he's allowing deceased soldiers' flagged draped coffins to be photograph (w/ the permission of the families)- I think that helped end the Viet Nam war- harsh reality...Bush and the gang wanted that stuff hidden so they could continue and do whatever they wanted incognito- is that how poeple want their government to operate?? Like Jack Bauer in CIU? Unbelievable...I think people in general are more comfortable with their heads buried- makes things almost not exist!


However, he might reach more people if he speaks on American Idol (the #1 show in America)- lol! Taryn



It's num.1 ??? Just another example of the dumbing down of America. Sad.......
I watched it twice, don't care for amateurs. Now the word is that its 'fixed'................Oh Dear.


Hi all,
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
I'm just checking in to see what everyone is saying about Imus and his cancer. I know he must be scared. Just hang in there Iman! It's devastating news, but I just know he'll be fine. My dad has survived two cancers, bladder and colon, so I know that cancer is not always a death sentence.
On a happier note, I think the show is getting better all the time. Imus seems back to his grouchy self and telling eveyone off. I LOVE IT!
I haven't had time to check in at all this year. I have a boss from HE11 and have been busy, busy, busy. Talk about stress! I have been sick myself several times this year and I blame it all on her. State tests start next week, and I think my students are going to kick a$$.
Hope everyone is well.


Nice to hear from you Alice. Don't let bosses get you down. Just ignore them. They eventually go away.

Guess we have joined the ISIS hour of Liberal discussions.

And Taryn, Why are you falling for this? It's like listening to a broken record.

Glad you are feeling better.


Imus will have the very best medical care money can buy. I wish him well, but I will not lose any sleep over him - as I expect he would want, since I'm just a listener to his radio show and all.

As to the outrage that Obama is throwing all sorts of extravagant (and tacky) partie the senior President Bush was shrieked about because he took breaks in Kennebunkport during Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and the junior President Bush was shrieked about because he took breaks at his Texas ranch. So it goes. The President's is not an easy job, and breaks and relaxation are a necessity.

Besides, the Messiah is already whining about going grey, and about how brutal the schedule is. Best to let him go easy when he can.


As for Presidend Bush spending so much time "just clearing brush" on his Texas ranch: do you realize that the POTUS is never, ever out of contact with the world? Even during the Cold War, there was a "Red Phone" in the Official Presidential Shitter, and a Secret Service agent just outside the door with the codes. The POTUS does not ever go ANYWHERE without a full complement of experts and the necessary communications gear - maybe you've caught word that Air Force One is also called "The Flying White House"? Obama has is Crackberry with him, so don't worry. He's up on the latest shizzle. Whether he wants to be or not.


Taryn? HELLO? War IS a "harsh reality". And sometimes it is a harsh NECESSITY - else right now many of us would be speaking German, working to serve 'the Master Race' and certainly not yakking on a web site such as this.

Obama is too frackin' chummy with those who wish Americans harm...and continues with Clinton's loathing of the military...now he's trying to deny many of us the care we need,earned and so richly deserve...the next four years are going to be, well, "interesting" to say the least.


oh yeah, it's just a new world, and Obama's approval ratings keep going down...well, he's going on Leno, so that should help him out.


God Bless Tim Russert On St. Pattys Day-



Love it when certain people try to equate WW11, try try to spin it to somehow fit the illegal occupation of Iraq....Said people are usually, phonies, deceitful, majorly brainwashed, dumbed down, etc.....THERES NO COMPARASON BETWEEN THE 2!

Sooo, Barack is unkind to the troops is he???????? TRY REALITY FOR ONCE:

According to Business Week, "The Inspector General found that the Pentagon hasn't been able to properly equip the soldiers it already has. Many have gone without enough guns, ammunition, and other necessary supplies to 'effectively complete their missions' and have had to cancel or postpone some assignments while waiting for the proper gear, according to the report from auditors with the Defense Dept. Inspector General's office. Soldiers have also found themselves short on body armor, armored vehicles, and communications equipment, among other things, auditors found." And with the so-called escalation, it will only get worse. More soldiers and fewer resources. Sending more troops to Iraq, as we have noted, is akin to signing their death warrants, all for the partisan egomaniacal purpose of saving Bush and Cheney from the embarrassment of their bloody and costly failures. http://www.buzzflash.com/articles/editorial/128 The White House made these claims in the face of what former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld might have called a “known known” – that the treatment of veterans returning from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan has been a national disgrace, highlighted most dramatically by the neglect and substandard care given wounded troops at Walter Reed and other military hospitals.

The budget increases that have occurred mostly were enacted over Bush’s opposition or related to the fact that injuries from the Iraq War far exceeded the administration’s rosy projections in early 2003. http://www.opednews.com/articles/Bush-Spins-Scandalous-Negl-by-Jason-Leopold-090111-594.html



Your first link is dated BuzzFlash on Wed, 01/31/2007 - 8:03am.

Second Link January 11, 2009 at 12:25:32.

Are we in a time warp? Barack Obama is thinking that the individual soldiers injured in battle should have their own insurance cover these injuries. Oh he cares about our Armed Forces alright. No! He only cares about himself and his cronies.

Also it wasn't an illegal war. It was authorized by both the Congress and the Senate. And if you give me the crap that they were controlled by the Republicans...Look what the Democrats are doing for us lately? Nothing but taking care of their own.



Same situation.............Don't Spin..



I can see the Afghanistan war,,but to me it's unwinnable. Its sooo big and vast, 100's of backward tribes, the terrain..


Now if that is true about Obama/Biden giving our Veterans the help they need, then contact the MSM. They reported it differently. And I am not talking about Fox News.

Good catch Isis.


All wars are not winnable. Everyone loses. But Wars are going on all around us, and the United States doesn't get involved.

The only War that was won, at the cost of millions of lives was WWII.

We cannot afford to get involved with any war at this moment in time.


ISIS123 and TARYN yall belong with these dummies................




What Quinn's budget may cost you
Governor: Proposed increases are vital to Illinois' financial rebound

By Ray Long and Rick Pearson | Tribune reporters March 18, 2009

SPRINGFIELD — After weeks of warning that pain is coming, new Gov. Pat Quinn on Wednesday will ask taxpayers to dig deep, calling for the largest income tax hike in 40 years and fee increases for car owners.


What will this mean to those living in Illinois?


Harvey whoever,,YOU are no doubt here...
Aren't you ashamed????



OOooh. Careful, Harley. You don't wanna diss Queen IsIs - she'll THREATEN you!(snicker)

Mary Lynn

Hi Mel,

I think it's a riot that the site only took in the letters MA for my name since I don't have any kids! I'm no one's MA except for my cat.

Taryn, the NY Post is reporting this morning that poor Natasha is brain dead. I hope this is not so.

I was hearing last night on O'Reilly how great it was that O was going to be on Leno. I respectfully disagre. I think it cheapens the office of the President. "He wants to show us he is just a regular guy". I think a President should be a cut above a "regular guy".

What do you guys think?

Mary Lynn


Big dust up between Imus & Jay Severin yesterday? Did Jay not understand that insulting Imus publicly was not exactly smart? Sounds more like Jay's turning into a sissy to me:



ML - I don't watch Leno, rarely watch talk shows w/ celebrities anymore but why is he doing it? He's the President - not an actor with a movie coming out. I think he believes he's a rock star and misses the adulation and applause because otherwise, why do stupid stuff like this? Go on a real show, not this kind of fluff. Can't he stay in the Oval Office and freakin work? I believe the man is full of self doubt and needs his ego stroked all the time.


Doctor: Natasha Richardson May Have Suffered 'Talk and Die' Syndrome

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How can a person be fine one minute and brain dead the next?

Natasha Richardson was reported to be "fine at first" after she hit her head in a skiing accident, but the 45-year-old actress' health began to deteriorate within an hour.



This story gets to me since I have two boys also, so sad for them if they lose their mom. I hope they don't take her off life support too fast...give her a few days because I heard any expert say people can recover. My husband used to play hockey w/out a helmet all the time, so dangerous as is skiing w/out one...same goes for riding a motorcycle, etc.


Really, Mary Lynn?? That's very sad- love her work, and her husband's (Liam Neeson)- think they have 2 teens..

Bruce, fall for what? I disagree and I'm falling for something? No, I think the Iraq War was a HUGE mistake, and based on a bunch of b/s and lies...unfortunately many people have paid for it, still are, in loss of life and why do you think we have this huge debt? Don't think I'm a maverick- think this is the majority opinion, Hy- and to compare WWII to this mess is just wrong, IMO. Yes, agree, EVERY Pres. needs vacation and down time, so why picking Obama's apart? Oh, yeah, you hate him, lol...Taryn



I agree it is an unpopular war, but it wasn't illegal.

Don't fall for Isis' trap she puts everyone in. That's all I meant. Nothing more, nothing less.

Glad you are feeling better.


I didn't say it was illegal per se, but certainly based on lies. WMD, 9/11 ties, etc. Cheney, Rove- probably gave Mr. Intellecttual faulty info and he believed it. They were the war mongers..Thanks,yes, feeling much better, this flu is going around my area like wild fire...


The entire world believed Hussein had WMDs, even his own people. Good lord, what a tiresome argument so many years later. We need to focus on TODAY.


Wrong Taryn,

British and the entire House had the same intelligence. If you remember back to 2003 Hussein had months to get rid of WMD's, and there were no inspectors to verify this.

Bush didn't lie. He was mis-informed. There is a difference.


Jon Stewart admits Tucker Carlson was right.


Jon Stewart weighs in on Tea Bagging the White House.


A teleprompt blunder has led to Barack Obama thanking himself in a speech at the White House in a St Patrick's Day celebration.



Actually there was cessation of hostilities after the first Gulf War. Saddam broke the "terms of the cease fire" constantly. One of the reasons we had No Fly Zones in the North and South he gassed Kurds and killed Shiites. Remember the Trials for Genocide? Bill Clinton attacked Serbia because of the threat of Genocide. I guess it is only okay to attack a country if you are a Democrat President. Serbia didn't attack the U.S. last time I looked we didn't think they ever had WMDS.

The minute Saddam broke the terms of the cease fire we were within legal rights to resume the first gulf war. We still have troops in Bosnia.


I missed the show today - did Imus talk about Severin?

I am happy our President had time for his usual cockatil party last night w/ expensive champagne they dyed green, did his NCAA picks and has time to go on a comedy show. What a guy.

Hmmm...he was strongly behind Geithner yesterday but he was strongly behind Rev Wright too and he was thrown overboard.


Hat Tip To Alison

Note to Imus, it isn’t a Gun, it is a Side Arm. Imus had to have learned this in the Marines. “This Is My Weapon, This Is My Gun, This One Is For Shooting, And This One Is For Fun” I guess Jay “Steve” Severin wasn’t having fun? Well Imus is fond of telling people “I’m Not Happy, Till You’re Not Happy” Looks like Imus still has lead in his Pencil GRIN.



News Alert 2:35 p.m. ET Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Fed to Expand Rescue Efforts
The Federal Reserve says it will expand unconventional efforts to lower interest rates and stimulate the economy by increasing its purchases of mortgage-related securities by $750 billion and buying $300 billion of long-term Treasury bonds.

For more information, visit washingtonpost.com


Good luck Don! I am pulling for you!


-- Defense secretary: U.S. military in most cases to phase out stop-loss practice of holding troops past end of enlistments.

From CNN



If you know Mel's email address send her the Imus compilation I just sent up.


Obama blasts AIG bonuses, admits ‘buck stops with me’
From Ed Hornick
CNN Update 28 minutes ago.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Obama said Wednesday that no one in his administration had been responsible for supervising ailing insurance giant AIG but that ultimately, the buck stops with him.


That first paragraph is actually saying, It’s the President Bush Administrations fault


Obama is just a puppet who takes no real responsibility. Though the last $30 billion was from his administration and the thief Timothy Geithner (Tax Cheat).


Just in from CNN:

-- Actress Natasha Richardson has died after suffering injuries in a ski accident, according to a family statement.


"""Bush didn't lie. He was mis-informed. There is a difference."""

OMG! This site is SOOOOO funny,,it's better then any comedy I've ever seen...
Thanks for the laughs........ :>)


Does anyone else think it's hilarious how Bruce just seems to post on this blog all day and all night long?

Mary Lynn

How sad about Natasha. I know that many people don't really know who she was. I myself can't name the performances she was in, but I remember I really liked her. She was so beautiful and seemed so vivacios. (sp?).

Did anyone watch Leno with O last night?

I'm sad that this site which was once so lively, seems to have really died down. Most of your guys are so on top on everything. I learned so much on this site.


ACORN to Partner With Government for 2010 Census

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 9:07 AM

By: Dave Eberhart

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform (ACORN) is now a “national partner” with the U.S. Census Bureau, soon to help the White House find 1.4 million workers to canvass for the country’s 2010 census.

Oh, this is going to be great. Obama cannot even organize himself.

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