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Thursday, March 05, 2009



Thank you, Bruce, I will.


The above picture should be named "Rebels without a Cause".............


Who's the real Commander and Chief???




Whatever else happens, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Patrick Buchanan and even Newt Gingrich will not live long enough to see another Republican President. Well, maybe Ann Coulter will live long enough but she'll look like Granny Clampet and the GOP will have morphed into the Firey Knights of the KKK. The flushing of whats left of republicans in congress isn't finished either. This country is sick to death of being dictated too by a bunch of 'let's you and him fight' hypocrites. They helped break the nation and now throw their heels in the dirt when it comes to trying to save the nation. Nobody wants a bailout for the crook's who robbed us blind and paid little or no taxes. Nobody wants the banks to close with their money in it either. We Democrats have always been the one's tough enough to step up to the plate and do what is necessary to keep it all together



The GOP has always lived high on the hog at the working man's expense and now they appear self-righteously indignant when the working man get's the White House and tries to salvage the wreck they left behind. I don't mind if Rush thinks he's the leader of the GOP. Apparently he thought he was Super Fly a few years ago when he was swallowing oxycotyn by the fist fulls and doing drug deals on the sly. With him at the helm doing all of the thinking for the GOP the Dems don't need to concern themselves with campaigning to stay in the job. Now they can concentrate on doing the job we sent them to congress for in the first place. Fix this nation!

PS. Lovely day today wasn't it???


When you

Grow up Bruce once and for all...

Posted by: isis123 | Thursday, March 05, 2009 at 09:22 PM

Shut up for once maybe I will lay off of you, until then go fly off a cliff. LOL


And your statement regarding the Republicans are incorrect. Unless you have historical facts and links to back up your ridiculous statements, you are just like any other Troll on this site. WORTHLESS!


Did you ever hear of redemption Isis? Did you ever hear of a recovering addict?

It's one day at a time. And just because Rush Limbaugh was hooked on Oxycontin doesn't mean he is doing it now.

If you are an Imus listener then you know about addiction. Alcoholism, drug dependency etc. Rush Limbaugh came out in 2003 and cleaned up his act.

What is wrong with you? Don't you have a decent bone in your body or are you like this with your DH? Maybe that's why you're a Flight attendant and he works at night. He want's to be away from you as much as he can.

Good Grief. You are a sad excuse for a human being.


No answer Isis,

Guess you are listening to the Moderator's 2 hour and 4 minute, 53 second podcast.

About 72.5 Minutes too long for my money.


Bruce, STHU! It sounds like you are "under the weather" again, it's about that time!!
You have not a clue how Republicans are thought of in this country! They have ALWAYS ALWAYS been for big business's, where by Dems have ALWAYS been for the people!..........the more statements you make, the very dumber you look.....

Your not jealous of the moderator here are you??? Sure sounds like it..
I always forget to take into account the state of your mind. ( what is left of it,,,what cells haven't been destroyed by booze ) research it!

Loose the personal comments about the DH..

BTW, why do you have yourself stated as "single", on alllllll of those pages that u have spread alllllll over Google??
You aren't on the prowl for something are you???????

STAY OFF OF THE STREETS..............!

Ms. M

Isis, please explain how NAFTA/GATT signed into law by Clinton helped the worker & not BIG BUSINESS?

Ms. M


Ms. M

Isis please explain how NAFTA/GATT signed into law by Clinton was a boon to the worker as opposed to Corporate America?

Ms. M

it says my comments are being posted, but they don't appear...what the f was wrong with the old way....I DO NOT LIKE CHANGE...take that anyway you want....


Hit the F5 key Ms M,

It seems to keep the real trolls and no names out this is required.

Type, Preview and then post. Hit the F5 key and then you will see it.

Ms. M

NAFTA/GATT=OUTSOURCING, fail to see any real benefit to the American worker but plenty of opportunity for the Corporations, Isis...tell me where I'm wrong....


Yea Isis,

48 percent or close to that figure know the real story. And you soon will know what the Democrat Party is looked at.

Spend money like drunken sailors.

And no Isis, it's not my time of the month. Just tired of listening to your liberal ignorant statements.

You love to preach, but never back it up, just like Obama. Everything the current President said in the primaries were a lie.

How about the raises for expenses for leaders in Congress and Senate. $40,000 for Harry Reid. $25,000 for Botox Pelosi. Plus some extra's.

Do you know how much a Congressmen makes? Don't google it. Just tell me. This doesn't include all their expenses either. Free Health Care, Phone, postage, travel, gifts to Dignitaries etc.

Now much of this runs over to the Republican side too. Will give you that much. But after 2009 raises are frozen. Pump is dry, or the printing presses ran out of ink.

Are we not to be conserving funds. Why accept or approve increases when the Country is suffering.

Big Government, less write offs for higher wage earners and more spending equals Obamanomics. Great job Obama.

You lied to the American People. Tax and Spend for your favorites.

Ms. M

oh hell, more steps...

Ms. M

Isis, NAFTA/GATT was NOT friendly legislation for the AMERICAN WORKER...stop pablem puking & explain the merits of NAFTA/GATT for the worker & how this was something good the dems did for the AMERICAN WORKER?


I am single. I am one person. And will never stop using your term DH.

Don't call Diana DW. DW is Darryl Waltrip from Nascar.

Prowling days are over. Your prowling days ended years ago when you became biatch.

Ms. M

Isis, do you even know what NAFTA/GATT is?

Ms. M

this new change is also going to take some getting use to....


The huge expenditure of money in one short month is really not going to help anybody, or a very few. The democrat party at one time was the party of the people. Not any more. Not for quite some time now. They are enablers and that is not real help for anybody, only makes victims and suckers. I think some are waking up and if not now, it will come soon, the realization that Barack Obama does not believe in America as it has always been. He wants to tear it to the bottom, he wants to tear our its soul. iOf course, he said that is what he wanted to do and it will become more and more apparent as the days go by. He is moving pretty quickly to dismantle everything.

He is more than happy to see the stock market plunge. He does not care a bit that people are losing money because he believes they deserve to lose the money. He is a flaming socialist and he will ruin the country if he possibley can. I hope somebody somewhere will give him a mesage and prevent him from the complete destruction of the financial system and the USA.

Funny thing about it is it will be mostly those who support/supported him who will suffer the loss.

But it should be no surprise, he told us all along. All one has to do is listen to what he says, what he has said, look at what he does, observe who his mentors have been, and it's all right there for all to see.

We're going to reap the whirlwind, sorry to say.

He crafty but he's not real smart. That may be his downfall.

Ms. M

I will say this, I know locally the dem pty is full of angry white women....they don't esp seem concerned for the little guy...& they have driven out old party liners....I liken it to white broads in foreign cars thinking they have a set....really quite nasty....


Sanjay Gupta got smart.

Ms. M

C'mon Isis NAFTA/GATT...I'm a broken record baby, 'cause anybody that touts the dem pty is for workers & supports NAFTA/GATT is an idiot in my union book.....

Ms. M

hiya Bella, how are you this evening? where's my for the worker buddy isis? I gotta hear this....how the dem pty is for the worker esp after the passage of NAFTA/GATT by Clinton....

Ms. M

anybody got their finger raised & poised over the f5 key tonight? or am I typing to an empty stage? where is the great American debate?


Here's a story I heard tonight, a couple called in to see if anything in the stimulus package would help them. They are both out of work and their home is in foreclosure. Well, surprise, surprise. They don't qualify for anything because they don't have a job. There is a little bit if you make your home energy efficient. How you going to do that if your home is in foreclosure of you don't have a job. The whole plan is a pile of sh(t.

There's supposed to be something in there to give the unemployed a little bit more, actually, more than the employed, maybe even up to $20 a week more.

There is a provision in it to expand COBRA. I know for a fact that COBRA is useless. It gives you the right to keep your health insurance if you lose your job. Right. But you have to keep paying the part you were paying, PLUS the part your employer was paying. How can a person without a job now suddenly come up with 3 or 4 hundred a month or maybe more, because the employer is probably paying more than the employee. Big help that is.

You notice Isis never answers a question. That is a no-no in Saul Alinsky's book of tricks.


I hear you Ms. M.

I am using firefox and it usually holds my sign in, but now it just show my personal information but does show my name when I post.

So your 12:15 comment is there.

Ms. M

Bella, yes I have noticed that isis never anwers a question...I have been doggin her for months on Clinton signing NAFTA/GATT & the only response I get is what a rant I am...I cannot for the life of me, understand this new breed of dem....

another law passed was to control lending institutions on the rate of interest charged on credit cards...takes effect July of 2010....why so long? why not immediately like all this spending? TARP, HR-1, & no doubt omnibus....with 8500 little porky earmarks...

Ms. M

Bruce, I am an old dog, prefer quill & nib & no I DO NOT LIKE CHANGE, raises my BP...everybody thinks 'cause you blog you are a computer whiz...NOT me....

Ms. M

this is BU!!SH*T....some comments go right up & others not so quick....where's the defibulator????

Ms. M

I'm turning it in...no quick posting, no Isis to explain to me the benefits of NAFTA/GATT....MODERATOR, I LIKE THE OLD SYSTEM BETTER....much more ease, & seemed like more traffic & posters....

Ms. M



MsM, They put off the interest thing probably to give all the credit card companies a chance to raise the interest rates before it goes into effect

I am not having any trouble posting. I noticed everything looks different, wonder what they did to it after all this time.

I can't stand change either. I figured out that I could get a better rate and save money if I bundled phone, cable, and internet together with one company but I'm hesitating to do it because I don't know if I will be able to get everything working properly.

Ms. M


Ms. M

which they are doing Bella! great for the average American citizen dontcha think...go dems go....anything for the "little guy"...

I am having a truck load of trouble posting...I, like the new dem, want INSTANT GRATIFICATION with instant posting like B4...NOT F5.....


Ms. M,

Don't underestimate yourself. Old dog is not a good term for you. And I am not a computer whiz. Just been working with these for 25 years.

Needed remedial help to remove IE8 that I though was a good idea. Never give up. Change is great. But not the kind of Change Obama allegedly promised. Unless you are talking about the coins in your pocket after you pay the bills.

After we leave at 12:46 AM EST Isis will be back to explain how we are nuts and how wonderful our commander in chief is.

Let's see what the Market does tomorrow. Once we reach 5000 on the Dow we can't go any further or we are really down the toilet.

Good Night Ladies.

Ms. M

Bella, I'm bundled thru cable, they did everything...set up computer, phone works like reg dial tone, cable is cable...what was easy for me regarding computer, somehow prior to bundling, I lost everything on it anyway, so set up was a snap, but guy showed me everything...NOT that I absorbed it, had a kid come in, have him come in periodically to clean stuff up as sometimes my hi speed takes a real detour....


That F5 thing is just a temporary thing. It may smooth out tomorrow.

Change your browser. But I am having a hell of a time with my Firefox tonight. It's not holding my sign in.

Oh Well. Progress can be good when it works.

So far our Country isn't working. The Dems made sure of that just for "The One's sake".

Ms. M

yes, I need to get my "beauty sleep" too hehehehe


Well, I may give the bundling a try.

That RBO link, all I can say is OMG. I don't understand it with any depth, but yes something is going on that does not meet the eye, and it is not pretty. I think donaldinks has mentioned that Roubini guy. And it makes sense in a way, Geither jst HAD to get that position. They didn't want to take a chance of anyone else uncovering anything. But it's all for the American people. Damn basta(rds.


Just returned after a short trip...

STOP asking me how the country works. I KNOW NOTHING, NOTHING. Nope....

Oh. To make some of you happy, the DH was on a major rave earlier,something he saw on the news set him off.....DUMP F---ERS he raved. Then before I left he was ranting that some of this is B.Clintons fault! CRAZY STUPID F-----ERS he was yelling..........Good thing I had to leave..

"Go bankrupt, go bankrupt rotton f-----ers"
was the last thing I heard.......

For Gods sake, it's alway something...

Don't ask me about NAFTA. Somethings I just don't recall or forget...

Noticed I have to wait at least 5 mins before my posts show...

Stop picking on me......and what is Don pulling, a PR stunt, Drama Queen that he's always been. ( you KNOW thats true )..


"""I am single. I am one person.""""

From the Bruce person. Wasn't it him a few days ago talking about how his "wife" talks to a gay friend on the phone??
Didn't he describe a few weeks ago the type of earrings his "wife" likes to wear??

Oh what a wicked web we weave, when we start to ?????????????????????

( shudder ) ( real creepy )


Oh, but Ms M, and Bella, Isis HAS asked a question. She asked me what age range I am in...LOL

Isis, you are a typical liberal. You insult people all day long and then when someone calls you on it, suddenly you are the victim.." stop picking on me."


Charlene - I heard that conversation yesterday and didn't think he was referring to health issues myself, maybe finances related to Ranch & Obama's new tax increases. The man is what...68 now w/ emphysema...I appreciate him every day.

Krauthammer has sobered up from the Messiah koolaid finally:

Deception at Core of Obama Plans


Ms. M

Isis, I got a piece of advice for you & it is FREE...stop promoting the democratic party as being the party of the worker, when Bill Clinton is the one who signed NAFTA/GATT into law...a brief history of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was touted by Bill to improve all workers working conditions GLOBALLY....what it in fact did was allow American companies TAX benefits to relocate overseas & OUTSOURCE American jobs....it also encouraged this practice as OUTSOURCING was cheaper for American companies as goods could be produced cheaper because the labor rate was so much less than the American manufacturer worker....in my opinion, it is the one single most piece of legislation that destroyed the American manufacturing base & promoted GREED by company CEO's allowing them to pay bigger dividends to stockholders....it also contributed largely to our trade imbalance...this piece of legislation signed by a democratic president into law was NOT good for the American worker or for America & anybody who now attempts to bring balance to the equation is called a "protectionist" like thats a bad thing....the function of gvnt is to PROTECT our borders & foreign policy...

Isis has also been asked her age group, having "voted for Reagan"....as to whether she wore a thong or granny panties....getting called out on statements you, yourself have made is NOT being picked on....another fine quality of the NEW dem party....thin skin & NOBODY can say a damn thing about anybody these days...limits debate, opinion & is dangerous for all FREEDOMS this country was founded on....I support neither of the "2"....they are both responsible for selling our collective a$$eS down the toilet.....I remain politcally incorrect & reserve the right to use my BU!!SH*T meter when BU!!SH*T looms.....


I don't get to watch the show on RFD anymore - has Karith gotten horribly rotund? Imus sure sounds like his old self again.


Ms. M, good points but are you really under the impression ISIS has an open mind capable of thinking with basic common sense? When my husband still drank, I learned quickly that it's a waste of time to reason with a drunk. Of course, he's long sober but is a liberal and still mostly incapable of thinking clearly so we don't discuss politics.

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