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Wednesday, October 08, 2008



Can we expect more audio soon? I don't get to listen everyday and always appreciate hearing what I missed. Thanks for all you do.


The people on the right are so fed up with McCain it's funny.

McCain is being smart. He can't win being a red right winger. It's not who he is, and if he ran liek that he would be crushed and he knows it.

Trump was right when he said McCain was smart. He's reaching out to moderates and undecideds. Palin is the attack dog the right loves so much.

He's got both bases covered, I wish people would stop expecting him to be what Palin is.

So Gallop has Obama up, what 11? And Zogby has Obama up 2.
WTH is going on with these polls?

It's about damn time they made a new page!
I thought they gave up on the show.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows Barack Obama attracting 51% of the vote while John McCain earns 45%. For the past thirteen days, Obama’s support has ranged from 50% to 52% while McCain has been at 44% of 45% every day



Obama's plane stinks. McCain's smells good. Obama's group is disorganized. McCain's is organized....all this coming from a CBS reporter and it's also on Fox News this morning. Is Imus talking about it...? It would be funny..just now tuned in to Imus.

Brian, I think you are totally right about McCain's game plan, even though strict conservatives aren't happy, I think McCain is on the right track. We have to trust McCain.


I think Imus is trying to KILL us with Karith.

He knows she sucks, WE know she sucks but there she is...

Why is the I-man doing this to us?

Good God man!


We needs some laughs on this show.

It's too low-key.

Kinky trying to say how dangerous Obama is and Imus having none of it.


Yes, Kinky was trying to get the point across about Obama AND Palin.
I appreciated it, but yeah, Imus brushed it off. Imus doesn't really want McCain to win I don't think. If he did, he would help out more with Palin.


I think McCain's strategy of attacking Obama's anti-Americanism will be very effective. Barack Hussein Obama is not a real american. It's that simple. The more Palin and McCain hammer that issue home, and the more play it gets, the more effect it will have. McCain just has to remember that the people want more of the Palin approach, and less of hi bipartisan babble.

Remember folks. Kerry only won 42% of the white vote. Gore only won 43%. Obama can't even crack 40%. In the end, that matters. It's why hammering Hussein on Ayers, the middle name, his muslim roots...etc. will work. It sure took long enough, but the McCain campaign is finally hitting on the issues that matter.



I'd bet a bunch of money that Imus will vote for Obama.

It's becoming more and more obvious.

Imus is just SO afraid of being called racist and that charge is being thrown EVERYWHERE now, he can't say anything bad about Obama.

The 'tell it like it is' Imus is gone.

Not only that but the show is so serious now.
It's like we aren't allowed to have fun because of the PC element.

First people in my life are like that, now this show is like that. Damn.

DT BIGOT T in all his little mind glory. Fortunately, DT BIGOT T, is NOT an example of a "Real American".


I work hard, pay taxes, SPEAK ENGLISH, am patriotic, and pay my bills. I am a real American. Proud to be so.


on CNBC just a minute ago a guy on the floor of the NYSE said that one of the major reasons for whats happening in the stock market now is because of Obama possibly winning.

Ding! It's pretty f'in obvious isn't it?

Go Obama go! Change!
Here we go folks.


Brian, I think Imus will probably vote for McCain.. who knows what anybody does when they enter that voting booth?..it's just that Imus could be helping his guy win using his own influence on the show, but he's not really doing it...go figure.


The one thing that really disappointed me was when Imus said "i didn't watch it I watched baseball instead" about her debate.

That was just stupid. So he had no idea what to say to people talking to him about it.
She was good in that debate dammit! I want her to debate more.
Biden got pissed towards the end.

Maybe b/c Dierdre pisses him off so much he puts that on Palin I don't know.
This hostility to her tho is not good.
I could see before the debate but now? Come on.

Sometimes I ask myself why I still listen to this show no one else in my family does, but it's like a habit I guess.


Good to hear from DTT!! Like his upbeat positive posts too.

Agree Brian, sick of Karith and Imus bashing Palin without EVER saying anything negative about BO.

Most well adjusted people when they hear something they don't like move on to something else they do like. Then we have the posters on a Imus Site who like to listen to the show and bash it repeatedly.

Go figure. Opps, I did say "well adjusted". LMAO



Laura Ingraham is about to interview Sarah Palin. Catch it , if you get a chance..it's 10:00 a.m. central where I am.

They say the markets are not going to recover because Obama is ahead. Nobody with any financial expertise wants Obama. He will make things worse.

That "I was 8 years old" excuse is getting pretty old. A person has to be pretty weak-minded to fall for that. Obama was 35 when he launched his political career in William Ayers' living room and he was 40 years old when Ayers' picture appeared in a Chicago magazine with him standing on the American flag. If Obama didn't know about Ayers' radical views, which he still has, he is one dumb MFer.

How are people be so brainwashed that they are going to vote for a man with associates such as Jeremiah Wright, Pfleger, Rezko, and Ayers? Who do you think he will put in his administration? Or seek advice from? I mean, if this were a court case, Obama would be convicted by the sheer weight of the circumstantial evidence, let alone direct evidence that he is sympathetic to our enemies.

Quote from Chicago Magazine in 2001:

“There you have the complexity of Ayers: a man who once tried to overthrow his country’s government…..”

This is not even to mention Obama's connection to ACCORN and his #2 spot as recipient from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


He also said at first that Ayers was somebody in the neighborhood whose children went to school with his children. Ayers children are grown. How did they go to school with Obama's elementary school children?



Palin should bring up Rezco next...one at time, let them sink in slowly, deep, and rooted,by the time Americans cast their votes.


Right Bella.. Obama says his kids went to the same lab school as Ayers'...Ayers kids are in their late 20's/early 30's..well, okay, maybe they were helpers.. uh huh


That's right, Ginger.

And think about the men he called "mentors and those who kept his compass straight." to quote Obama himself, referring to Wright, Pfleger, and Meeks.

To most American's the words, "God damn America" is so jarring that just to hear it repeated, is almost too much. Now, that didn't just come out of nowhere. J. Wright really believes that, and for Obama to stick with him and that church for twenty years proves to anybody that he believes that, too.

And Rezko is now a convicted felon.

Two former CEO's of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are or have been his financial advisers.

Wright was also on his campaign on a committee. Pfleger was flown by the campaign to make an appearance. That's how much he thinks of them. They are or were deeply involved in his campaign. Now, not when he was 8 years old.

Are these the people we want running our country?

“Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll know who you are.”


For those who are too young to remember, or who have forgotten:

The Weather Underground:





Obama was old enough to hear what Ayers had
to say about Sept. 11th.

We will find out the truth about Obama and
all his associations eventually, even if
he becomes president, it won't end there.

Imus did mumble something about personally
not trusting Obama.


Did you all know that after he won the nomination,HUSSEIN had his campaign plane refurbished? In doing so, he removed the AMERICAN FLAG from the plane's tail and replace it with his campaign symbol. Barack Hussein Obama would rather feature an image of himself than the sacred American flag.


DTT: If you add it all to together the removal of the flag, no flag pin, no hand on heart, Ayers, Wright, communist mentor friend "Frank", Rezko, Acorn, the Hamas guy
who got him into Harvard, the Kenyan Prime
Minister friend Odingo...WHAT DOES THAT SPELL!



A new thread.

Imus in The Morning had Kinky Friedman on this morning and he made some interesting observations about Tony Rezko being born in Syria..just a nice Italian boy:) and where is Obama’s campaign money coming in from? Is there money pouring in from Foreigners, how much? Listen to Kinky.



19 year old Ohioan addicted to registering to Vote in upcoming election. ACORN getting out the OCD Vote.



One more thing and then I will go away.
Imus can be so frustrating with his pointed comments about those who showed
they were not loyal friends after his "ho" incident, and then not show any loyalty and only mild support towards
McCain who stuck by him through it all.


Good to hear from DTT!! Like his upbeat positive posts too.

Agree Brian, sick of Karith and Imus bashing Palin without EVER saying anything negative about BO.

Posted by: Lee | Thursday, October 09, 2008 at 09:12 AM

Wahhhaahahahhaaha. Upbeat and positive? DTT aka NOBO08, aka, JJ is a racist hateful person. He's they type who would've kept blacks as slaves in the back of the bus. How all of you can praise him says a lot about you too. GO OBAMA O8!!!!!!!!!



I am voting for Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain's husband:)

I liked Karith today, I want her to get away from just Politics and Gossip. Or at least mix them into other stuff for example Sports. I thought she was funny this morning.

Imus Doesn't get Sarah Palin. I get Sarah Palin standing over a Dead Moose, she just KILLED. It's called Killer Instinct. She has it, and guess what's next "donkey butt roast" It's what's for dinner!


This idea that States Craft, takes an Einstein? I don't know where that idea comes from, and we have not had that many genious' in the White House. Sarah Palin get's her foot in the door, she gets a Staff just like anyone else, who wins the Vice Presidency or Presidency. Imus has this idea she would be Governing alone? That doesn't happen.

Just like Obama is the FACE turned out toward us, who knows who is behind the FACE of Obama well we do know the "chicago corrupt democrat political machine" so it is also true Sarah Palin is the FACE turned out toward us.

I am not Afraid of Sarah Palin, in FACT, I am not afraid of Politicians in general. We suffer them but they are not really the be all end all of OUR Country. They are just the mechanics, and we have some real poor mechanics, holding office right now. They sure are charging us a high hourly rate LOL!


I bet you all were brainwashed into believing all of George Bush's lies too. He held hands and kissed Arabs that were involved with terrorism. Where was all the outrage about that? Reagan sold arms to terrorists. Where's all the outrage? McCain knows better than to go on the attack because he's got skeletons in his closet as well. I will never vote for a Republican. They've ruined this beautiful country of ours. RUINED IT! I'm ready for a Democrat to be in power so we can take our country back! You racists will get what's coming to you! I'll be laugh, laugh, laughing!


I like DTT's posts too! Taryn noname is a sad pathetic creature. Lurking on a website waiting for someone to post, get a life.LOL


It's so refreshing to hear a liberal call our country "beautiful." Thank you.

noname are you surfing with safari


speaking of bashing Imus but still listening, some people like to bash this website and the people on it, but still hang around.. go figure.

Keep on yakin Ginger baby. All you creeps that support a true BIGOT like DTT. You're all the same. Brainless wonders. Can't wait to see tomorrow what you hate about a show that you love to listen to then bash. Bunch of losers. Go figure! LMAO @ DT BIGOT T lovers.

who would hang around on a website with brainless wonders? maybe that says more about you than it does us?


Okay, I won't keep yakin but I'll keep yakking.

"racist" is the "go to term" for people who
cannot think beyond their hatred.


What is in ballwin missouri near? Ginger do you know?


Hey doesn't the Village People, have a song that is something about in the Navy? I have that song in my head but I can't think of the name.

Tony Powell just opened for the Village People.


It was "In the Navy" now which village person did Tony Powell play?



Ree, I haven't heard of Ballwin, Mo.. I'll look it up..

Oh, this is a good day. My husband came home from work today and said he had been studying O's health care plan and it is a bunch of bs.. He has decided to vote for McCain! Yay!

How about McCain's health plan? It's a bunch of BS, and you complain about Obama increasing taxes!

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