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Friday, December 21, 2007



Brokaw will come running back now as soon as he needs to increase his book sales


Imus clips to help you make it to Jan. 2!



My all-time favorite Imus moment - Harry Connick Jr. Interviewed On Imus




Mine too, Sweet !


What did that mean?

Imus: "By the way, starting on Jan. 2, I can arrange a Page 6 story every week."
Everybody else: [chuckles knowingly]


Scott, I took it as: When's he's back from vacation, he can rail away on the weasles one week at a time, thus giving them material.

er..."weasels" (Christmas stress...can't spell)

"when he's back"...good grief.


Funny slide show - Opie and Anthony welcome Imus back.



More great stuff from O & A on the firing.



The Imus and Rev. Al Show - Tee-hee!



Re: Brokaw - he is an 'effete snob' & a 'nattering nabob.' An Imus backstabbing weasel - to me - he is a git.



(Posted at 8:29 am, and at 9:31 am, nary a comment from the I-Haters!)

Enjoy the holidays, everyone...see ya Jan 2.


Re: Harry Connick & Imus - it was one of the best shows ever - Harry was witty & 'got Imus'. When Harry sang & played the piano - well - it was toe tapping music and his 'Jambalaya' was a great rendition.


Hater @ Huff PO


Well while we are enjoying our 10 day Holiday I just wanted to send anyone here this little something I put together for you.

Some have received it directly. Others can get it by clicking on this link.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Bruce from Florida


Took care of the Haters on HuffPo...They really irritate me to no end.

And may they get coal in their stockings. And a rocket attack in their City. LOL



Bruce, that was the best Christmas greeting ever. Thanks so much. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


Scott, I took it as: When's he's back from vacation, he can rail away on the weasles one week at a time, thus giving them material.

Okay, but why can he start raining away at the weasles after the vacation? The was I have taken his remarks about something "big" happening and now the latest remark, it sounds more like something else is in the works. Anyone care to devulge? I'm here with open ears.

Thanks all for the links, some of them I haven't watched. During his departure I thought I watched everyone posted..haha


Your Welcome Susane.

And TIF... Channel talked about it two three theads back.

It is concerning deals with Cable Companies for RFD-TV.




Take a look at the last comments exchange under "the new guest rule" on Supportimus org...just a note to whoever Lou is oblyhater ect...MEN as in Lou, your grey haired old stooge, didn't and doesn't use "GOSH" a note, to who is posting these comments, both Imus Fan and Keith on Supportimus org can see your ISP address, when you post, it is a simple enough thing to compare your ISP to another ISP.


What are RFD-TV and WABC going to show and/or broadcast until the 2nd?????

By the way, there are some HATERS over on HuffPo!!!

Let's get 'em!!!!!


This comment was left for me when I STATED I LOVE Rudy & The Elf Tones. Btw us all, this is not your grey haired old stooge Lou. Note, the Comment responding to me. Vince Daniels, started posting simlar comments on Imus Yahoo Fan Group before Imus even aired the next Monday morning. For some reason Vince Daniels is a moderator of The Imus Yahoo Fan Group. I don't know why, he apparently doesn't like Imus. I quit the Imus Fan Group because he wouldn't stop posting negative comments. You all got "Olbyhater" posting on here. It may be one person with more then one persona.

LOU said:
I guess you are willing to take third best at best.
The elf tones were not quality musicians to say the very least. To Have Imus spout THEIR GREAT,
was another showing of pandering.
The reason I keep glimpsing at the sorry Show ,is in hopes There will be somew resemblance of the old Imus I respected. NO SUCH LUCK.
What I and most of the other supporters of Imus was in the hopes that his return would be of the same or similar nature of the old show. Again ,NO SUCH LUCK.
To spout the new and Improved version is great,only shows me that entertainment comes first then maby you should be satisified with what you get, A big Nothing. !!!
Imus has lost the edge of holding politicians feet to the fire, along with the real news of our troops getting killed and fired on.Charles is religated to giving 2nd hand worthless news,and kareth and tony are truly in the catagory of affirmative action .Thanks to sharpton-Jackson.
NOw you can praise the NEW & Improved Imus all you want, but all you have is still a 3rd rate program, with a window. WHEE!!!
SEE the pretty folks go waving?? My Goodness. What a drastic waste. My target audience was those who cared about our troops, wastefull spending and the
indifference of our politicians. I think you only want to be entertained with what ever Imus throws at you.
I feel for you .
I am wondering just what we supporters were posting for. I certainly didn't give my whole hearted support for this drivel.
I really don't think the serious Imus supporters did either.


This is the topic you all might want to comment.



All note, in this post "My Goodness" in the comment, before this one, it was "Gosh" these are gender specific. As many of you know, I read and re read post.










Seasons Greetings to ALL the I-Nation!

Here is a greeting card for all of you, courtesy of "Jib-Jab". Have a safe and wonderful holiday season...and God bless us...each and every one....




Lou gets a BIG potato in his Christmas stocking this year from Imus Claus....LOL


I now have seen the show! On television!! In its entirety! I am I-nitiated!!!

I arrived in Colorado for Christmas last night and, lo and behold, my brother has DirecTV...where do you think I was at the crack of dawn this morning? This joy will last me through the holidays, and when I get home, it's bye-bye Charter/Hello DirecTv!

Merry Xmas, y'all!


...and Bruce, Thank You for the Greeting Card!

You are, indeed, someone that I would want to be in a foxhole with...if ever need be.



Your Welcome Donald,

Ree: What Lou are you talking about? I am going nuts trying to think it can't be Lou Ruffino.

Help please. Also tell your friends at Supprt Imus this group is cleaned up and he won't be shut out. Unless he is saying icky things about the show. Then things get nuts here. LOL

Bruce from Florida


Imus Sucker Punches Brokaw
"Resentment, now that takes courage!"

Oh Poor Tom, Big Bad Imus | NYmag thinks Tom deserves a break!!!


Comments here: http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2007/12/imus_suckerpunches_brokaw.html

Note- sign in registration is fast & easy



Move up earlier in this thread...Ree explains "what Lou" she is talking about...



You stated the Morning of Dec 19th you didn't post a comment, that was signed Bruce from Florida, at the top of that thread you had someone sign on as Olbyhater pretty negative rant on the New Imus in the Morning program....do you all think this is a coincidence? Read the post and see if they all don't look alike. When you post nothing but negative comments, and NO positive comments, then why be on a Pro Imus website in the first place? Some of you have already figured this out, this is my last post on the subject.

Donald Inks, I can't tell but I would guess this Lou is a woman. The spelling of "mayb" and "deffantly"..Your Grey Haired Old Stooge Lou, could spell, he also identified himself this way, when he would post, this Lou doesn't, and this Lou, won't ever reply when asked, who are you? Don't you think if this is the Lou, we all knew, he would respond to us, when we ask him? I don't know who this person is, that signs on as Lou.



When I posted, is this Lou Rufino, after one of "The Lou" rants, I was making a joke because you all, that is what we have in common, a sense of humor, we all can take a joke. No I don't think this is Lou Rufino.



Now tell me if I have this right. The Yahoo group has KCAA's personality running it, and he is making comments in a negative fashion. Or allows comments that are negative? If I am right so far then fine.

I thought Judy moderated on that group. Judy from the UP of Michigan? She allowed personal attacks and finally put me on moderation. Then I quit. 600 Imus supporters and then she puts me on moderation for retaliating at a moron. When she could have moderated him.

Glad I am out of there.

Now if I am wrong about that. Someone please let me know.

Guess Ree thinks we all still belong to that site. Sorry to say only lurkers and a choice few post. Now it sounds like a site that hates Imus. Vince Daniels couldn't hold a stick to Opie on Opie and Anthony let alone Don Imus. He is more boring then watching water boil. Or listening for the next airplane crash.

Good Grief.



Hey Ree,

Are you talking about what I just said? I don't belong to the Yahoo Group at all. I speak on ImusTruth and sometimes on SupportImus.

But I am not a nut job like your saying? You have a spoofer.

If you wish to discuss this further you can always contact me personally at bcvb1949a@verizon.net

Othewise the case is closed. This site is humming.

Bruce from Florida (Bradenton to be exact). But I do hate Obermann. He is a left wing Imus hater.


Bruce, Ree is saying the person who spoofed you earlier in the week is now spoofing Lou the old stooge!

I've held off comments since "Lou the Original" has been such a loyal fan and given his diabetes and related maladies, well there you go!

Saw your comments on HuffPo - Most Excellent




I hear you. But read what Ree said again.

Sometimes I do not understand what she is pointing out. That thread she pointed us to is full of hateful "Attack Imus" remarks. It is getting like this site was a few days ago. Maybe a week. I could clean it out, but I am tired of fighting over BS.

Support Imus has a big flaw. They allow anonymous posters. And if your not logged in you do not see a little Icon next to your name. You could be anyone.

Keith does a good job. But I think he has to stop anonymous posters once and for all. Get a TypePad account or you don't post. The settings should be easy.

Guess we will use the next 10 days plus to rest up.



KCAA - was a stop-by place in the early April days without Imus. I posted there for awhile - got called a TROLL - when I asked why a poster was asking for money on the Imus site for herself & sick daughter. Got called a Troll. Deleted that site real quick. Then I stumbled upon Support Imus & posted my views, but never felt quite welcomed by other posters {who shall remain un-named} Lastly & thank-fully I found my home {Fox-hole} site here at Imus Truth. I still occasionally post @ Support Imus & read others {Familiar names}. But all in all, I think this site has the classiest & most aware posters. Period.


Guess What ?
No one really cares whatImus has to say anymore Brokaw ,Russert ,Ford Jr
all manged very well without Imus and will continue to do so.Imus can not have any effect or anyone and these people know it
What a joke work 3 weeks take 10 days off
Odds are he Dierdre and Wyatt will be atThe Ranch ALONE!!!!


SDG - Your back, were you on a cruise with DONINKS or some other exotic vacation? Too funny! You both leave and come back at the same time - LOL. ChanX


Guess What Joe?

Imus is fine. And Tom Brokaw, Tim Russert and Harold Ford Jr. are traitors period. And Imus tells you who he is friends with and won't be in a Foxhole with. We have no say.

And Imus made these plans or WABC did when he was hired. You call it a joke. I call it wise.

If you want to spread your hateful remarks go over to SupportImus or join a IHateImus Group.

You are insignificant and I will not allow negative comments on this site about the evolving IITM program.

If you feel no one cares about Imus anymore. Then get out of here and don't come back.

Fed up with comments from negative posters. And up until your comments, there have been none.

Have a Merry Christmas and be quiet.

Bruce from Florida


Channel: Nice to be missed - lol - Too funny to be linked in name to DONALDINKS - because It seems we are 'birds of a feather' re: Imus. Naw, I'm here every day -reading what others think - sheesh - ok - am addicted. Have kind of been, at a loss for words, re: the new show. I tune in - have gotten a few yucks {along with a bit of info} Still, I must confess, I miss the old show format {and the sound of those Blues riffs that brought the show to my attention in the morning} But, I have faith in Imus - he's an old radio pro. He'll be ok. He's a survivor.


Bruce: Are you a sterling stalwart Imus defender or what? Very cool. Ya gotta love it.


You better believe it STDOMSGIRL.

Remember we have been waiting for 8 months for the Man to return. Now he is back and all you get are nit-picky comments like the Joe character above.

Imus cannot be the same as he was. He stated this himself. There are some close to the line things he says and Karith or even Tony say that could be considered controversial. But no, some want the same Imus. Well they are not going to get him for awhile.

So if a person doesn't have something constructive to say, they shouldn't say anything. Just lurk around.

Take the time to post on sites that are blasting the man, but not here. We are the attack dogs. We are the I-Nation.

And I made a promise that anyone blatantly attacking the IITM program or another poster would be given a quick reminder why "WE" are here.

Glad to see you here again STDOMSGirl.

Back to business now.

Bruce from Florida


Are you saying they are Traitors because they didnt come back and kiss Imus butt?
Are people not allowed to have and express their own opinions?
Obviously Imus does not matter to these people and they have been and will do very well without Imus support
I dont think any of these so called " TRAITORS" will lose any sleep over the reprecssions of no longer being a supporter of Imus
Let Imus rant all he wants he is not important to anyone except the people on this site
RFD still hasnt struck a deal with any mojor Cable Provider.I guess the demand is not there
I thought is was called The Imus truth site?
Is the truth only what you say it is?


Joe: Yup. The truth is - what we want it to be. What we say it is. How we see it. Lol.


And I made a promise that anyone blatantly attacking the IITM program or another poster would be given a quick reminder why "WE" are here.
Bruce from Florida

Ok Bruce
I consider your last line a threat to me But guess what?Just like Imus your threats have nothing to back them up
So big talker show me why you are here
Your big talk doesnt frighten me


Geee I guess Imus needs a vacation after those 3 grueling weeks on the job

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